Silent Way Audio Technology Consulting

Recording studios and engineers constantly struggle to keep up with the latest technological developments, repair the old gear, and stay ahead of the curve. Our day-to-day tasks leave little time to find easily fixable but hidden technological problems, or to learn new techniques.

Silent Way offers media management, training, installation, configuration and purchasing advice for professional and project studios. For many recording projects, media management has become a big headache. Use Silent Way's experience to corral your hard drives, track sheets, notes and backup plan.

For home studios, production advice and project evaluation is essential for that "second opinion." From basic skills tutoring to advanced recording classes, there is always more to learn about audio engineering.

Count on an experienced engineer to give you the real scoop on Digital Audio Workstations and traditional equipment. Too many of today's studios are one-dimensional. They're either a modern digital powerhouse with little knowledge of classic microphone techniques, or they are stuck behind the curve on new developments. Put your recordings above the rest. Utilize the best of both worlds with advice from a resident of both.

Contact Tony Brooke for scheduling and hourly rates, available only in the Bay Area.

For more on Tony Brooke, see this resume.

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If you need in-depth technical advice now, call the consulting hotline below. Hours are 10am-5pm PST, or schedule a callback. The rate is $1 per minute.

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