Bay Area Live Music and Entertainment Calendars and How To Submit Events

Local music and entertainment scenes have growth cycles. "Boom" and "death" are part of the game. Venues close, bands break up, and DJs move away. These rare but inevitable events draw more attention than the more numerous first gigs and opening nights at new empty clubs. The odds are with the new. There's still plenty to check out right in your backyard, so do your part. Support the new risktakers.

Check out this "list of lists" to keep up with the latest in local culture (a few are national too). Submission contact info for all of these is here too...

Also check out Bay Area Clubs and Concert Venues, a Guide to Local Bay Area Music on the Radio, a Guide to Bay Area Radio That Doesn't Suck. and Bay Area Alt-Culture links. If you have suggestions or corrections, email me. - Tony Brooke

(Outside of the Bay Area? Find more community radio here and local newspapers here.)

Audience members:

When and Where To Listen / Read

Musicians and Producers:

How To Get Your Show Listed

San Francisco Weekly Listings

The print and online versions of the SF Weekly are published every Wednesday. Pick up print copies at many street corners.

Visit their site to submit an event.

"For consideration in our print calendar, please send submissions at least three weeks before the date of the event. For inclusion in our online calendar, clubs or concert listings, please allow at least two to three weeks' notice. Listings in SF Weekly are subject to space restrictions."

SF Bay Guardian Listings

The Guardian is published every Wednesday. Pick up print copies at many street corners.

"The Guardian listings deadline is two weeks prior to our Wednesday publication date." To submit an item, visit their site.

SF Chronicle /

What's what:

The SF Chronicle is San Francisco's "afternoon" daily paper. Their Datebook is the daily listing of music, movie, and stage events. The Pink Section is the weekly entertainment listings section in the Sunday Chronicle. is their online presence, with additional features that are not in the print version.

ePicks is their weekly entertainment tip sheet covering "happening goings on" which comes out each Thursday. But it's not listed in their list of free email newsletters.

See this web page for the full details on how to submit.

SF Gate's online listings are provided by the Chronicle Datebook + Pink Section. The Pink Section deadline is three weeks prior to publication date. The daily Datebook deadline is ten days.

As of 9/2004, there are 3 ways to submit an event:

1) email. Check the weblink above for the right contact for each type of event.

2) USPS with the kind of listing (Art, Nightlife, Theater, etc.) in the lower left-hand corner of the envelope, to:

Datebook Listings
San Francisco Chronicle
901 Mission St.
San Francisco CA 94103

3) fax: 415-495-2067 ("least desirable")

To be considered for the seperate ePicks, email

[The Chronicle/SFGate is partnered with KlipMart, which offers to provide your audio or video clips to a network of media for exposure.]

The San Francisco Examiner

AKA the "morning paper." The Ex has a Music Section. Within that section, see the "Live" list of editor's picks.

They don't seem to do comprehensive listings. But the "Live" column in the Music Section lists events. Try contacting their Arts & Culture editor.

KALX Entertainment Calendar
90.7fm, Berkeley

These listings are announced every day at 7:30 AM, 3:30 PM, and 7:30 PM on KALX, 90.7fm Berkeley.

Send listings to:

Entertainment Calendar
26 Barrows Hall #5650
Berkeley, CA 94720-5650

KZSU Entertainment Calendar

90.1fm, Stanford

These listings are announced on KZSU, 90.1fm Stanford, at 11:30am, 5:30pm, and 7:30pm. They are also posted on their website.

email to:

KZSU Music (recorded music and related correspondence)

PO Box 20510

Stanford, CA 94309

KZSU Business (everything else)

PO Box 20190

Stanford, CA 94309

UPS address:

Memorial Hall Basement

Stanford University

Stanford, CA 94305

music dept.: 650-723-4839    requests: 650-723-9010    business: 650-725-4868    engineering: 650-725-4867    fax: 650-725-5865


89.7fm, Los Altos Hills

KFJC Concert Outlook

These listings are announced on KFJC 89.7fm Los Altos Hills at 8:30am, 12:30pm, 5:30pm and 5:30am.

Send listings to:


12345 El Monte Road

Los Altos Hills CA 94022

Business: 650 949 7260    Fax: 650 948 1085    Studio: 650 941 2500


Submit info at the website (all the details are listed there).

Craig's List

Craiglist is the seminal home-grown community classifieds site, with sections for events, housing and jobs. They have expanded to cover a dozen US cities and a few in Australia.

Post your Bay Area event in Craig's List's "Events/Entertainment" section. For other locations go to the main page, click on "post a classified listing" and select "event."

The Wave Magazine Event Listings

This great weekly mag covers the Bay Area music and entertainment scene.

Submit online three weeks in advance, or send videos to:

1150 S. Bascom Ave, Suite #8

San Jose, CA 95128

tel 408-282-2200   fax 408-288-6883


Zero Magazine

Concert Calendar

Their website doesn't have much detail about how to let them know about shows. But here's their contact info:

Zero Magazine

12 S. First Street,

2nd Floor, #232

San Jose, CA 95113

Great listings and archived shows, "...preserving the legacy of hiphop and funk!"

Submit at the site. Select "event booking" in the contact form's subject pop-up menu.

The List- Compiled by Steve Koepke


The List (searchable jrl version)

The List is all about funk/punk/thrash/ska shows. Please feel free to copy The List and pass out copies to friends.

It's printed, e-mailed and faxed every Thursday. To subscribe/unsubscribe to the e-mailling, send a request to

There is a snail-mailing on the first Wednesday of each month too. To get a monthly mailing, send a LONG Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (one for each mailing you want) OR one buck (for two mailings) to:

The List, PO Box 2451, Richmond, CA 94802

If you want a funk/punk/thrash/ska show listed, send the info to one of the following:


fax:  510-237-4145

via snail mail:

The List

P.O. Box 2451

Richmond, CA 94802

If you have a music related item you want sent out for free with the list mailing, send 175 of the item to the above address. For proper handling I should receive your mailing by the Friday before the first Wednesday of the month.

The Squid List

The Squid List doesn't list music-only events. But, it does list tons of excellent shows of all other varieties. Subscribe to the email or check the new online calendar. (If you subscribe to the email, configure your email program to collect the many emails per day in a dedicated folder.)

Don't submit your event if it's just a music event! For all other events, submit info at the website (all the details are listed there). The suggested deadline is at least one week before the event, or no less than two days before. There are very strict submission guidlines so READ THEM ALL! / KTVU

Contact them via the KTVU site.

Gig calendar

You'll need to register first (for free), then:

Post your show in the "Gigs" Section.

Covering "San Francisco events with a focus on that which is subterranean, submergible and audible but rarely water soluble." Also planning a Japanese version.

See their event calendar

"SFburning welcomes any promotional material or individual editorials for review and potential placement on"

JamBase focuses on "jam" bands, plus "rock, jazz, funk, trancefusion, bluegrass and live electronica." They cover the whole US.

You'll need to register first (for free), then:

Post your show in the "Add a Show" Section.

KCSM Jazz Datebook

91.1fm, San Mateo

KCSM Jazz 91 announces the datebook at 1:35am, 3:10am, 8:40am, 11:50am, 4:20pm and 6:50pm. KCSM is the only commercial-free Jazz station in the Bay Area.

Check out their Jazz datebook on their website or:

  1. call 800-555-8355, wait for the first prompt
  2. say "message center"
  3. say "announcements"
  4. say "1527691" or enter it with your phone keys (that spells "1KCSM91")
To get a Jazz event listed, submit at their website.

KUSF Community Calendar

KUSF was on the air at 90.3fm for decades until 2011 when it went online-only. Now it is known as "KUSF in Exile" aka "San Francisco Community Radio." Their entertainment calendar has scaled down but looks like it is still active. Submission information is not listed but you can try their contact page.