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SF Bay Area Clubs and Concert Listings

The best sites have descriptions below the links, which open a new window.

The ability to broadcast and distribute music online has caused a major revolution which has redefined the music world. The stranglehold that commercial radio and record labels had is over.

Also check out Silent Way's tasty music stuff page.

Choice picks: Check out's awesome recommended downloads and features. For eclectic programming check out

Net Music- Live Streams and Downloads A-L MP3 Downloads
Asian Vibrations Download more than 18,000 audio books and programs
AudioRealm Listeners Page internet radio: live + archived dj sets
BBC Online Channel
Beatsauce Online
Awesome hip-hop show, formerly on KUSF-FM in San Francisco All underground hip-hop, featuring national and local artists. In-studio sets by guest DJs and plenty o' beats. True community. Tru School. Archived shows at the site.
BeSonic - The Music Delivery Service
Beta Lounge
A showcase featuring Electronic Music and DJs, transmitted live every Thursday 8pm-12mid PST from the San Francisco studios of the Network Syndicate.
Big Radio Audio, News, and Info Directory
Bring The Noise! Yahoo! Music Events
Broke n' Beat Radio - Nu Jazz and Broken Beat
BuyMusic at - Buy CDs and Music Downloads
Digitally Imported Radio - Best of Euro Techno and Trance
downtempo @ (the source for downtempo music)
DRIP- Darkside Radio Internet Program
"Your source for 24 hour faded beats." - Kareoke Downloads
ECC -=- New Sounds
Echonomizer Music Radio Hi Quality Free MP3 Music
VERY cool collection of downloadable tunes- Check out the editors choices. An excellent, unique site with lots of on-the-money editorial descriptions. internet radio | the leader in lossless digital audio
FlareSOUND Internet Radio
FlashRadio- SonicNet
Not cool with Explorer 4 for Mac.
Free Music Archive - The Free Music Archive
Future Breaks - 90.3 FM - San Francisco Drum+Bass
Gibberish Radio
Gigabeat - Find your song!
GiveMeTalk - Jazz and Classical
Grateful Dead Live -
Grateful Dead Official Site
Groove Radio International webcast station
Heavy Music
House of Blues -
imusicast - live music for the planet

Free Single of the Week
Internet Radio List
Invisible Radio
iTunes Music Store
iTunes Free Download: Single of the Week
Jamster! Ringtones, Wallpaper, Phone Apps John Book's MP3 Of The Week
KALX 90.7fm, UC Berkeley CA Webcast
kcmu (( 90.3fm )) seattle
Holy mackerel- these guys have a stream at 1.4 megabits per second (!), and of course, those of us with "just" DSL can listen with WMP or RA. Got T3?
KCRW on the WWW
KCSM 91.1fm, San Mateo CA Webcast
A webcast audio directory which rates the signal strength of stations.
Kill Pop Radio
KNAC.COM Live Heavy Metal Radio
Knitting Factory Home Page
KPFA 94.1fm, Berkeley CA- Pacifica radio Webcast
KQED 88.5fm, San Francisco CA Webcast
KSDM: San Diego Local Music
KSLU, Southeastern Louisiana University radio
KUSF 90.3fm, University of San Francisco CA Webcast
University of San Francisco-based non-commercial station, really diverse yet consistently high quality programming, from trip-hop to death rock.
KZSU 90.1fm, Stanford University CA Webcast - Digital Downloads
Liquid Tracks
Live 365 is the largest provider of bandwidth for DIY streaming radio, and they provide storage too. 40,000+ MP3 streams (the best format), with tons of good stations, once you sort through the amateurs. A must listen!
Lost and Found Sound- NPR
Lycos Music
Lycos Music Listening Room

Net Music- Live Streams and Downloads M-Z

MediaCast webcasts archive
Monkey Radio: Grooving. Sexy. Beats.
National Public Radio (NPR)
Ninja Tune Virtual Flyers
Noise Pop
NoisePop '99 webcast archives on 9up
Patronet Subscription Services - free MP3 music
PoCreations Internet Radio Stations - MP3
Punkmusic - Punk Community and Resource
RADIO FG On Line from France
Radio Free Virgin
Radio-V: Tune-In
RadioFreeWorld - Radio, tv, videos, mp3 Sounds Like Tomorrow Web Radio, where to find free streaming music
RadioSpace - On-Demand News Stories and PSAs - Internet Radio Stations
Real Player
Rhapsody - MP3 Downloads and More Audio
Excellent source for lots of streaming stations. For tips on the best applications to listen with, see
SLAM Media- Radio
Solid Steel: NinjaTune Archives
SomaFM: Streaming MP3 Internet Radio
Excellent mixes. MP3 streams of a half-dozen stations at varying rates.
Song-Poem Music Archives
Soul Strut: Crate Digging DJ & Hip Hop Culture
SoundAmerica Theme songs etc.
soundwalks: oversampling
spacelab transmissions :: experimental + electropop + indiepop
StaticBeats . Music For The Mind .
The best of internet radio from Silent Way!
Third Coast International Audio Festival Broadcast
True Skool- preserving the legacy of hiphop and funk
TuneUp - clean your music collection, identify tracks and add cover art automagically with this cool add-on for your music player.
Vibeflow - On-demand access to the sounds of electronic music culture
Virgin Radio - Music
Warp Radio )))
WFMU | 91.1fm Jersey City, NJ & 90.1fm - your audio/video guide

Wolfgang's Vault - over 4,000 free concerts

WOMB- Electronic music from South Beach
World Cafe
WWOZ 90.7 FM, New Orleans
Yahoo! LaunchCast Radio
Yahoo! Music Unlimited
z e r o

Artist and Band Sites
Chris von Sneidern
DJ Shadow
G-Stone Recordings- Kruder & Dorfmeister, Tosca
Invisibl Skratch Piklz
jboogie's dubtronic science
Joni Mitchell
Joni Mitchell's Lyrics
Jurassic 5
Katell Keineg
Katell Keineg Official Site
Liz Phair Lyrics
Massive Attack - Official Site
Massive Attack - UK Site
Miles Davis Site
Miles Davis/Bill Laswell- Panthalassa The Roots, Dilated Peoples, D'Angelo
Quannum Projects- DJ Shadow, Blackalicious, Latyrx, Lifesavas
Rahsaan Roland Kirk website
Real World Records
San Francisco Symphony
Spearhead - Spearhead Vibrations
Spinal Tap
Sunshine Club
Tenacious D
Tenacious D- Unofficial Site
The White Stripes

For more artists, seethe Silent Way client list)

~~Other friends:

Amazing Embarrassonic
Beautiful Engines
Ian Brennan
John Lurie- Strange and Beautiful Music
Larry Fast/Synergy
Professor Sludge's Guitar Academy
Rube Waddell
Six Million Dollar Band
Weird Al Yankovic Web Site

Audio Streaming Software, MP3 Players

ALCATech - BPM Studio MP3 DJ software and hardware remote controls
AtomixMP3 DJ Mix software
Audio Hijack recorder - Rogue Amoeba
Audiograbber CD-ripper for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000
Audion, Mac MP3 / stream player
Baytex Party! - Integrated MP3 DJ Solution
BearShare - The Worlds Most Powerful Gnutella App
Bitbop Tuner -
BrowserWatch - Plug-In Plaza- Mac
ClickRadio - Downloads - Mac - MP3 - Music
DeKstasy- Sonophile, Inc.
DivX ;-) Source for Mac
DJ-1800 - Professional DJ software for the Mac | Software
EastBayTech - Livewire Broadcast
PC Only. | software
Exact Audio Copy (EAC)-
FreeAmp - Free Audio Music Player
FreeNet- The Free Network Project
Freeware - Hitsquad List of Free Music Software for Macintosh
GDAM - Geoff + Dave's Audio Mixer
Global Audio Control
Gnotella - The Best Gnutella Client, Ever
Gnufrog, Gnutella active server list + web interface
Gnutella for Mac- MacTella -
GrayAMP MP3 player for Mac
Grokster for p2p file sharing
ID3X - Mac MP3 ID3 tag editor
iHam on iRye- control iTunes over a network
iMesh-Sharing the world, Music on Demand!
iTunes version 1 hack to make it work with Mac OS pre-9
iTunes 1.1 (old version)
KCMU Streaming Media - FAQ
Liquid Audio - Player365
LiveUpdate - home of the Crescendo player
Mac Digital Audio- List of Mac MP3 Software
Mac DVD Resource
Macamp - Subband Software
Macast - Amplify Your Life
MacVCD - The video CD Player for your Macintosh
Madster- (Formerly AIMster)
MegaSeg - Pro Mac DJ Music Automation Software
Morpheus - Software- players, encoders
Very good listing of tons of music player, encoder and related applications. Has ratings, reviews and links to download. Sorted by Mac/PC and by app type.
mp3PROzone "Daily News of MP3, VCD, DVD, DivX"
MusicMatch Jukebox Digital Audio Software
The shot heard 'round the world in the Internet music wars! Now it has arisen, back from the dead.
Native Instruments TRAKTOR DJ Studio
Traktor DJ Studio is a professional dual-deck audio player designed for live performance, with independent time and pitch stretching. It allows recording of a set's moves as a saved automated session which can be overdubbed.
Ogg Vorbis
Onadime Free Player
OPUS DVD hacks
PCDJ - Visiosonic - MP3 mixer and webcaster
Project Mayo: OpenDivX
Pure Mac: MP3 Players
QDesign Corporation- Audio Compression
Quicktime Download
QuickTime- list of playable formats
Real Player
RealOne SuperPass
Shockwave- Macromedia
Shorten - SoftSound
Shorten for Macintosh and Linux
Silent Way's Guide to MP3 Stream Players
Sonique: News and Features
PC only.
Streamer | Pirate radio for the digital age
sumi (formerly xtunes)
Total Recorder- High Criteria
Application to capture and record streaming audio. PC only.
UltraPlayer MP3 Audio Software - Play MP3, CDs
UltraTagger - MP3 ID3 tag editor, renamer
Unsanity Echo and Mint- Mac music players that supports Ogg Vorbis
VCD Help
Vivo Software
vTuner - Live Internet Radio Broadcasts
WebCine MPEG4 Player
Wildcat Canyon Software: WebTracks, Internet Music Kit
Windows Media Player: Download
Windows Media Player: Multimedia File Formats and Test Files
Xing Technology Corporation - The Vision of MPEG
Yamaha Midplug- MIDI Plug-in
ZDNet: Digital Audio SuperCenter

Audio Streaming- Development and Legality Issues
Arbitron Internet Information Services- Webcast Audience Ratings | iStream
Audio Alley - SF Internet Audio group
Audio Alley Events - Announcement List
AudioSoft Worldwide Digital Copyright Marketing - MP3 Insider
Courtney Love does the math
Courtney Love's unsurprisingly blunt yet surprisingly well-written diatribe against record company "sharecropping." Main Page
DiMA - The Digital Media Association news
DNA Lounge: Webcasting Legality by Jamie Zawinski
EFF C.A.F.E. | the leader in lossless digital audio
FezGuys - Internet Audio Enlightenment
Fix the DMCA- Save Our Streams!
Future of Music Coalition - Open Source Streaming Audio MP3 and Digital Music Channel
Intellectual Property Issues- Negativland
Internet Audio free subscription (Mix Magazine quarterly) - Broadcast
Pretty interesting concept. With the MoodLogic Music Browser, choose the parameters that describe the kind of music you're in the mood for (mellow/aggressive, vocal/instrumental, fast/slow etc), and you'll be given choices to listen to. > News
MP4 - mpeg-4
MP4 is the new sliced bread. Open-Source. Audio AND video streaming. Sounds better and smaller file sizes than mp3. Hopefully it will beat the proprietary streaming apps (Real, WMP) the way mp3 killed the radio star.
MusicTicker- create active HTML from winamp playlists
NewsScan Daily
Ogg Vorbis
RadioSpy - The Net Radio Resource
RAIN: Radio And Internet Newsletter - Helix Producer Plus - Recording Industry and the net's articles on the music industry's Internet struggle Pay for play- indie radio promoters expose
Senate Judiciary Committee Special Report- Protecting Creative Works in a Digital Age
Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings- Jim Griffin's testimony
Digital Music: "Today, it can be truly said that music behaves more like Thomas Jefferson's candle - which when lit with another candle diminishes the flame of the first not at all - than it does like an object subject to the laws of supply and demand."
Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings on Music Downloading
SHOUTcast - Step-by-step broadcasting setup - Interactive Audio for the Web & Wireless
Spacial*Audio Solutions
TechTV | AudioFile
Traktor DJ Studio
U.S. Copyright Office
Webcasting statutory licence
ZDNet Music - Top Stories

Movies, Videos, TV - Bite-sized Entertainment
All Movie Guide DVD - Your source for online DVD deals
Brainfreeze on REGENERATIONtv- High Bandwidth
Brainfreeze on REGENERATIONtv- Low Bandwidth
Columbia House DVD Club
Critic's Choice Video DVD Reviews
DVD Easter Eggs - DVD Town
DVD Easter Eggs |
DVD Hidden features:
DVD Review - DVD news, releases, hidden easter eggs
DVD Video movie easter eggs, secrets, cheats, codes, walkthroughs, FAQs from Game Winners
DVD Price Search
DVD Review - DVD news, releases, hidden easter eggs
eBay: Movies - TV episode guides
Fightdivx DVD Price Guide - Online DVD Deals
Futurama Buy and Sell Used Movies
Internet Archive: Moving Image Archive
Internet Movie Database (IMDb), A database of over 120,000 movies
Joe Cartoon Co.
Le Video Movies
LEVEL 13 - multi-channel animation
Movielink - for those who like to watch
Netflix: Rent as many DVDs as you want for flat fee
Very cool way to avoid video store trips and late fees. Make a list of favorites, and they mail you the DVDs. After viewing, mail one back (they pay postage). They mail you a new one in a day or two. You always have a few on hand for as long as you want!
QuickTime Showcase
QuickTime TV
Simpsons Archive
You know that friend of yours who speaks exclusively in SimpsonSpeak? This site is the reason. The ultimate Simpsons searchable resource with every episode's script, inside jokes, etc.
Simpsons Official Site
Simpsons rerun listings- KBHK44 San Francisco
Simpsons- Simpsonian Institute
Spumco's Web Cartoons
The Video Beat: 1950s & 1960s Rock n Roll Movies & TV Shows
TV Guide Online - Localized Listings
VCD Help
Wave Twisters The Movie Watch Live internet TV broadcasts
Yahoo! Movies

~Bugs Bunny + Warner Bros Cartoons

Cartoon Research
Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Page
Looney Tunes Official Site
Toon Tracker
Warner Bros Cartoon Companion
Warner Bros. Animation Info
Warner Bros. Cartoons Filmography

Music Magazines, Fan Sites, Reference

[ Aquarius Records ]
These guys review hundreds of hard-to-find albums a month, covering the best of the stuff you won't hear elsewhere. Check out the site for billions of reviews- the real deal, and an invaluable resource. With audio clips, album covers and "how to buy"...
All-Music Guide
Possibly the greatest resource for Western recorded music ever put together. This exhaustive cross-reference covers millions of recordings with an emphasis on 20th century pop, plus more recent obscurities and genres.
Artist Direct Network
ATN- Addicted To Noise Online Music Guide to Rock, Punk
AWAL - Artists Without a Label
bands 411
Beastie Boys Lyrics - Annotated
Beastie Boys: Paul's Boutique Samples and References
Beatles- Internet Album at
Billboard Online
Blue Highway
'The history of the blues is more than a musical chronology. The blues was born the day the West African shoreline fell from the horizon.'
Blues Foundation
Boston SoundCheck Magazine
Brainfreeze Article- DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist (SpineMag)
Brainfreeze, Product Placement Track Listings - Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow
Bumbershoot- Seattle Arts Festival, Labor Day weekend
Chuck's non-commercial and roots-music radio page
ClubVelvet - Lounge
CMJ Online
Cool And Strange Music! Magazine
Dan Dion Photography
DeadBase - Grateful Dead setlists and more
Discogs- The definitive database of electronic music
downbeat (the source for downtempo music)
Drum and Bass Home
earpollution - NW - Experience Music Project
An interactive online exhibit from a new music museum in Seattle. Has Jimi Hendrix and NW-scene info, and fascinating audio comparisons with the original blues artists who inpired musicians. (Ex: Albert King in the left channel, Clapton in the right)
Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Musical History
FestivalFinder: Music Festivals of North America
Free Radio Berkeley
Fuller Up, The Dead Musician Directory
FutureNet Music Channel
Gallery 41 Jazz Photos
Hyperreal Music Archive
Hyperreal Rave Archives
i n s o u n d - indiemogaragepunknoiselectronic
Ink Blot Magazine: deep coverage of great music
Invisibl Skratch Piklz- Skratch Radio
JamBase | Go See Live Music!
Jazz Online
Jim Marshall Photography
Juke Joint
Jump Site- N. CA Lindy Society
Karaoke- Used Karaoke CDs, DVDs
Karaoke- karaoke playground MP3+G Toolz
Karaoke-, America's Largest Karaoke Retailer
Karaoke- Ronan's Online Karaoke
Karaoke- The Singing Machine Company
Karaoke- Yahoo! Music Karaoke CD list
Karaoke-ize any song: The OOPS Effect
Kaleidospace Independent Internet Artists The Archive of Misheard Lyrics
Local Music Directory
Lyrics Connection
Lyrics Library
Lyrics listings at Yahoo!
Lyrics Search Engine - Popular Lyrics
This one is pretty good, and faster than most Lyric sites.
This one is great- they've got it all.
Lyrics- Always on the Run Lyrics Page
This lyrics site covers more modern rock and alternative songs, and less classics.
Lyrics- eLyrics Top Sites
Lyrics- International Lyrics Server
Lyrics- SongFile
Lyrics- Top 100 Lyrics Sites
Lyrics- Top 20 Lyrics .com
Lyrics- Top 219 Lyrics Sites
Lyrics- Top 2K .com - The Top Lyrics Sites On The Web
Lyrics- Top 50 Lyrics Sites
Mark Naftalain's Blues Power Hour
MindSpring Music Links
Mudcat Cafe
Blues and folk music, and the Digital Tradition Folksong Database.
Music Resources Page - All About Music
Musician Magazine Online
MusicSearch: The Internet's Music-Only Search Site -- the source for live music
Net Music Countdown (ZDNet Music)
Netcenter Music Channel
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival- Official Home
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
NOLA Live, New Orleans online The Roots, Dilated Peoples, D'Angelo
OM Records
A.V. Club (The Onion)
Other and unusual music in all its forms
Performer Mag
Platform Network
Punk-Rock Incest Map
Red Hot and Cool Jazz
resources for tape & disc traders
Rhino Musical Aptitude Test
Sample Spotter
Silent Way Directory: Music and Webcast Links
Sonicnet Allmusic guide
South by Southwest- Austin TX music convention
Spin | Home
Spinemagazine - Hiphop, fashion, design
Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound
Stanford Music Library
Stax Museum of American Soul Music
Synchronicity Arkive- How to sync movies with albums
Tab Patterson's Quadraphonic Site
Incredibly diverse, eclectic radio show on KALW, 91.7 FM in San Francisco. The site has playlists and show streams.
Telluride Bluegrass Festival
UC Berkeley Music Library
Ultimate Band List
Verve History: Jazz Ed
VIBE online
Wall of Sound - Music Search Engine
WWOZ 90.7 FM, New Orleans
XLR8R Magazine

Music Technology Convergence

Hardware- Devices for Net Audio, CD, DVD - Kima wireless relay transmitter
Crisp Solutions Universal Remote Controls | Hardware
DVD Demystified - DVD FAQ
Ecast - Net Connected Jukebox
El Gato Software- Eye TV
Escient: Digital Convergence
Eskape Labs - MyVideo, MyTV, MyFM
Home automation- MouseHouse Electronics
Home Automation -
Home automation- Macintosh interface
Home automation- Remotes, Remote Security, Video
Home automation- X10
Keyspan Digital Media Remote Infrared Controller
Keyspan Infrared transmitter on a PCI Card
Moxi Media Center
Nirvis Systems - CDJ jukebox, SLink-e
Pacific Neo-Tek: OmniRemote Pro
PowerFile C200 - 200 disc, dual drive FireWire CD/DVD
Remote Central: Universal Remote Controls
Slim Devices: Free Your Music!
Sonicbox - iM Web Radio Everywhere
This hardware relay box can put your choice of webcast iM stations on any FM stereo system within 100 ft of it's transmitter base. Got broadband?
TechTV | MP3 Answers
TouchTunes Music Corp. - Jukeboxes
Turtle Beach - AudioTron, Sonic Link
ZDNet - Tech Central

Software- CD Player Apps, Interfaces + Controllers

DISCO Internet Audio CD Database
InCDius: the Java CD Player
Song Servant Home
SpinFree Audiofile- Organize your Collection
TitleTrack CD Player, Sony Jukebox control
TuneUp - clean your music collection, identify tracks and add cover art automagically with this cool add-on for your music player.
ZephIR! by studioZee

~Satellite Radio

Sirius XM Satellite Radio

CD + Record Stores

[ Aquarius Records, SF ]
Check out billions of reviews- the real deal, and an invaluable resource. This is how it should be... These guys review hundreds of hard-to-find albums a month, covering the best of the stuff you won't hear elsewhere... MP3 Downloads Music section
Amoeba Music, SF/Berkeley Music - Buy Music CDs at Low Prices
CD Baby - the online record store
CD Universe
CDNOW | Your Independent Music Destination
Circuit City
Collectors' Choice Music
Compact Disc Connection
Darla's Music and More- 45's
Dusty Groove America - Chicago
eBay: Music
Fastmusic - punk catalog
GEMM Music: Buy hard to find new, used CDs, tapes + vinyl records
Groove Merchant Records - San Francisco Used Music, CDs, DVDs
Jarrett Record Service- 45s
King Biscuit Records
Mod Lang Records, Berkeley
Movie Grooves - 60's & 70's Soundtracks & Library Music
musica obscura
OnePriceCDs - Play us first!
Open Mind Music...a record store - Music & Movies for LESS!
Record, Tape, Compact Disc Stores- Long List by Area Code at
Rooky Ricardo's Records, San Francisco
Second Spin- buying and selling used CDs + Movies
Check here before you buy a new CD. You might find it used for $5-10 instead of $10-15 elsewhere.
Trojan Records- Sales Limited
Turntable Lab: [Skratching Worldwide]
Tweekin Records, SF
Twist & Shout Records, Tapes & CD's (Denver, CO) - Music
World Wide Music: CDs, Cassettes and More!
Yahoo! Music Shopping

Radio (FM)

* the best of streaming radio
Bay Area Noncommercial Radio list (via KZSU)
Excellent list with links to non-commercial SF Bay Area stations, but growing stale.
BBC Online
CBC Radio- Canada's National Public Radio Broadcaster
Clear Channel Communications
FM radio reception tips
How to be A Community (Pirate) Radio Station
Infinity Radio - Station Information
KALW 91.7fm, San Francisco CA
KALW Program Schedule
KALX 90.7fm, UC Berkeley CA
KALX Program Schedule (descriptions)
KALX Program Schedule (table format)
KCSM 91.1fm, San Mateo CA
KEXP (( 90.3fm )) seattle
Holy mackerel- these guys have a stream at 1.4 megabits per second (!), and of course, those of us with "just" DSL can listen with WMP or RA. Got T3?
KFJC 89.7fm, Los Altos Hills CA
KFJC Program Schedule
KFOG 104.5fm, San Francisco CA
KGNU 88.5fm, Boulder CO
KITS 105.3fm, San Francisco CA
KLLC 97.3fm Radio Alice, San Francisco
KPFA 94.1fm, Berkeley CA- Pacifica radio
KPFA Program Schedule
KPOO 89.5fm, San Francisco CA
KQED 88.5fm, San Francisco CA
KUMD 103.3fm, Duluth MN
KUSF 90.3fm, University of San Francisco CA
University of San Francisco-based non-commercial station, really diverse yet consistantly high quality programming, from trip-hop to death rock.
KUSF Program Schedule
KZSU 90.1fm, Stanford University CA
KZSU Program Schedule
Non-Commercial Radio Stations list @ Gumbo
Very comprehensive list of public and college radio stations, covering all of the United States and many other stations around the world.
NPR Online- National Public Radio
PRI- Public Radio International
Radio Survival Guide
Cool list of quality Bay Area radio shows. Mostly non-commercial, all unique. Good radio is out there if you know where to go.
Silent Way's Guide to Bay Area Radio That Doesn't Suck
WFMU 91.1fm, Jersey City, NJ & 90.1fm Hudson Valley
WWOZ 90.7 FM, New Orleans
WXPN 88.5fm, Philadelphia + four more cities

Public Radio Shows - NPR and PRI

Car Talk
Fresh Air
Lost and Found Sound
This American Life- From WBEZ in Chicago
West Coast Live -- World Cafe Radio Show with David Dye

SF Bay Area Clubs and Concert Listings

1015 Folsom
111 Minna Gallery
924 Gilman Street
Ashkenaz Music and Dance Community Center
Audium- San Francisco
"...the only theatre of its kind in the world, pioneering the exploration of space in music. The theatre's 169 speakers bathe listeners in sounds that move past, over, and under them. 'Sound sculptures' are performed in darkness in the 49-seat theatre."
Bay Area Booking - Weddings, Private Events
Bay Improviser Network
Berkeley Community Theater
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Bimbo's 365 Club
Biscuits and Blues restaurant/bar/blues club
Bluegrass @ Atlas Cafe
Boom Boom Room
Bottom of the Hill
Bottom of the Hill > Booking tips (great), list of Bay Area club bookers (old)
Brain: Wash Cafe - Laundromat
Cafe Du Nord
Cal Performances: Zellerbach, Hearst Greek Theatre, Wheeler Auditorium, Hertz Hall
Catalyst - Santa Cruz
Cobbs Comedy Club, San Francisco
DNA Lounge
Dub Mission
El Rio - Your Dive
Elbo Room
Fairfax's 19 Broadway Nite Club
Fillmore Auditorium
flavorpill social discovery engine and curated event marketplace
Fort Mason Center - Cowell Theater, Magic Theater, Bayfront Theater, Herbst Pavilion, Blue Bear Performance Hall
Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse
Great American Music Hall
Hemlock Tavern
Hicks with Sticks- Bay Area Twang: Roots Americana, Alt Country, Rockabilly listings
History of the SF's Fillmore Jazz District
Hotel Utah Saloon
HushHush Lounge
JamBase | San Francisco | Shows
Jazz In Flight
KCSM FM | Jazz Datebook
KFOG Concert Calendar
Kimballs East, Emeryville
KUSF San Francisco: Entertainment Calendar
La Pena Cultural Center Bay Area Latino Nightclubs
Lou's Pier 47 San Francisco
Make-Out Room, San Francisco
Masonic Auditorium
MetroActive- Silicon Valley, San Jose
Mission Cultural Center
Nickie's BBQ
Northern California Bluegrass Society
Off-Market Theater: great entertainment, just steps away
Palace of Fine Arts Theatre
Parkside/ Thee Parkside - Where the staff drinks right along with you
Pier 23 Cafe, restaurant and bar
Playing in Fog: San Francisco
POLLSTAR - The Concert Hotwire
Punch Line Comedy Club
Purple Onion Comedy Club
Ramp - Salsa, BBQ and more
Red Devil Lounge
Regency Center
Rite Spot Cafe
Road Map of some SF clubs
Ruby Skye
Sadie's Flying Elephant
San Jose Improv
Savanna Jazz Club
SF CLUBS: Club NV, The Sound Factory, Harry Denton's Rouge, Forum
SF Gate: Entertainment: Music & Nightlife
SF Live Arts at Cyprian's (formerly Noe Valley Music Series)
SF Station- independent on-line information source for Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Food, and Urban Lifestyle
SF Weekly music listings
SF Weekly- Club Guide
SFBay Guardian Music Listings
SFRaves Calendar
Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View
Slim's, San Francisco
StubHub! Where Fans Buy & Sell Tickets
SweetWater Saloon, Mill Valley
The Dark Room, SF
the half mile- venue list
The Independent
The List - The Original by Steve Koepke
The List at
The List- KZSU Version
The List- Searchable jrl version
Tongue and Groove - SF Nightclub
Warfield Theater
Yoshi's at Jack London Square

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