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Net Music- Live Streams and Downloads A-Z

Artist and Band Sites

Audio Streaming Software, MP3 Players

Audio Streaming- Development and Legality Issues

Movies, Videos, TV

Bugs Bunny + Warner Bros Cartoons

Music Magazines, Fan Sites, Reference

Music Technology Convergence

Hardware- Devices for Net Audio, CD, DVD / Software- CD Player Apps, Interfaces + Controllers / Satellite Radio

CD + Record Stores

Radio (FM)

Public Radio Shows - NPR and PRI

SF Bay Area Clubs and Concert Listings

Audio Equipment Dealers

Audio Equipment- Used gear sources

Audio Manufacturers A-Z

Bay Area Recording Studio Community

Computer Audio and MIDI

Engineering General Reading

DA-88 related sites / Alesis ADAT-related sites / Engineering Magazines / Panasonic DA7 digital mixer sites /Engineering Usenet Newsgroups / Yamaha- 02R sites

Home and Auto Electronics

Media Supplies- Bulk Blank Media and Storage Dealers

Musicians' Instruments

Reference- Music Business, Industry Resources, Studio Listings

Audio Industry Links Lists / Music Industry Organizations / Record Labels / Studio Listings, Musician Resources, etc.

Search Engines

Access Providers- ISPs, DSL, Cable Choices

Bay Area Alt Culture

Bay Area Info, Outdoors and Travel

Funny, Weird, Dumb and Silly

General- Interesting Web sites

Government, Science, Educational

Net Directories

Online Magazines: "Persisticals"

Periodicals- Online Versions of Print Magazines and Newspapers

Privacy: Avoiding SPAM & Junk Mail, Protecting Your Identity

Reference Desk- Maps, Dictionaries, Info, etc

Social Responsibility, Activism and Consumer Rights

Space and Astronomy

Airline Flights, Tickets, Pricing

Automobile Tech Info, Classifieds, etc

Car Pricing, Stats / Manufacturers / Technical- Advice, Auto Manuals, Recalls / Used Car Buying + Selling

Classified Ads - General

Employment- Classified Ads, Temp Agencies, Resume Sites

Financial- Investment News, Stock Market

Financial- Real Estate, Loans

Housing- Classified Ads, Renter's Resources

Shopping Online (non-music) <-- Most online stores

Market Research Focus Groups

Authoring Programs

Adobe Dreamweaver

Domain Name Registry, Web Hosting

Web Authoring Reference- General

Web Authoring Reference- Advanced

Web News and Tech Developments

Website Placement: Adding Sites to Search Engines and Directories

Mac Reading- News, Tips, OS Technical Info

Mac and PC Shopping- New and Used Dealers, Pricing Guides

Mac Software- Download Sites, Companies

Macintosh Hardware Companies

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