Deleting Pro Tools Preferences and Digidesign Databases

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This takes forever to find in Digidesign's support forums, so I'm reposting for reference:

(after a number of other topics,)

To Delete Pro Tools preferences.
-Go to Users > “your user name” > Library > Preferences
-Delete 'com.digidesign.protoolsLE.plist', 'DAE Prefs' (folder), 'DigiSetup.OSX' and 'Pro Tools preferences'.
-Empty trash, then restart the computer.

Delete Databases and Volumes

This step can be useful when receiving random 'assertion' or 'neoaccess' errors, especially when recording or saving.

-Delete the "Digidesign Databases" folders on the first level of all mounted hard drives.
-Delete the "Volumes" folder:
Pro Tools versions 7.3 and earlier it's located in MacHD > Library > Application Support > Digidesign > Databases.
Pro Tools 7.4 and higher will find it in MacHD > Library > Application Support > Digidesign > Databases > Unicode.

-Empty trash, then restart the computer.


Repair Permissions
-Quit Pro Tools and launch Apple's "Disk Utility" application, located in:

MacHD>Applications & Utilities.

-Select your boot drive (the whole drive, not the volume underneath the drive)
-Go to the 'First Aid' tab and select "Repair Disk Permissions"

Apple recommends doing this any time you install new software, update your OS or install any software.