Mackie mixer and phase problem - TRS outputs?

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Thanks for your info about the mackie cr1604vlz,

I have one and was experimenting with mixing out of the box with it and couldn't figure out why I was getting this terrible phase issue. I just wanted to confirm two things...

1. this is why my mix sounds out of phase.

2. I haven't messed up any of my gear because of the mackie's trs outputs?


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That tip on my site about the trs outputs only applies to the original 1604, not the 1604VLZ. If you've got the VLZ version and have phase problems, it's something else, either cables or something at your multitrack source.

Check your cables for polarity. Today's standard is pin-2 hot but there's lots of older gear out there that was pin-3 hot.

Also, are you sure it's not a mic placement problem? It's often pretty hard to hear a wiring phase problem, maybe instead it's due to mic positioning.

Or, perhaps there's a loop of aux send to aux return to aux send again.

Another potential to look at is latency issues with multiple A/D/A converters or combining some digital-to-digital channels with other that go through a stage of A/D/A. That can sound "phasey" too.

Hope that helps!