MOTU Midi Express Compatibility Issues

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Does anyone know anything about this interface and how I can get it to run on either a modern windows or mac computer. Will I have to buy an expensive USB adapter or create my own patch with Max MSP? Or is there a simpler solution?

For free, I've recently got my hands on a MOTU (Mark of The Unicorn) Midi Express rack mountable interface unit. There is a sticker that says it was made by S&S Research Inc, Norwood, MA.

It is black with orange writing. Has 4 MIDI in, 6 MIDI, SMPTE in/out, pedal in and has a what a believe to be two 8 Pin mini Din serial connectors that used to be used as a direct MIDI interface connection for Mac computers in the 1990's.

Also if anyone knows the second hand retail price of this interface in UK£s I'd be pleased to know. Help greatly appreciated. Thank you.