Multiple iTunes Libraries - Which to keep?

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I’m cleaning up my drive and find that I have three different iTunes Music folders. Can that possibly be right? Why are my music files in different places?

Also, is there a way to display the size of each folder in the Finder column? I always have to command-I them individually, and it won’t sort by size without that.


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First, read this awesome article by Doug Adams with background and definitions:

This can happen if the setting which controls the location of your iTunes Music folder has been changed (iTunes-->Preferences-->Advanced-->General).

Now let's check to see if files in each location are all in use.

In the Finder, look through each of your three folders for example tracks. Then switch to iTunes and find that track. Select the song in itunes then use "command-R" to "Show song file". That will switch to the finder and show you which file is represented in iTunes.

Then you might want to consolidate all into one iTunes Music folder (make sure there's enough room on that drive) :

re the consolidation function: "Any song files that are located outside the iTunes Music folder remain in their original location; copies of them are placed in your iTunes Music folder."

visitor wrote:
Also, is there a way to display the size of each folder in the Finder column?

To see folder sizes in any finder window, use this menu item: View-->Show View options. Then check "This window only" then select "Calculate all sizes." It can slow performance so it's off by default.

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