Use a laptop for an 8 channel audio mixer

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I need to have 8 different mics running audio into my professional grade video camera and then use my laptop as an audio mixer. What software and or hardwrare does this require?

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You're probably better off sending the 8 mics into the laptop via an audio interface. If your video camera has timecode capabilities you can sync the video to the audio via timecode. This way you have multitrack post-production mixing possibilities. In this scenario the interface would need 8 analog inputs and 8 mic preamps. See my guide to interfaces:

Or, to do a live stereo mix straight into the video camera (not multitrack) you just need a simple analog audio mixer to mix the 8 mics down to a stereo mix. Look for a small format analog mixer with 8 mic preamps like the Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro or 1604 VLZ3,

Another way which gets you a bit of both those scenarios is a mixer with a built-in interface like the Mackie Onyx 1620 with the optional firewire card: