Guide to Living in San Francisco

Some may argue that the Bay Area is no longer "The Greatest Place on Earth" to live due to skyrocketing housing costs, but it's still a fishbowl paradise. Here are a few quick tips for natives and newbies.
  • Everything that everyone does is part of the local culture (positive or negative), so culture is everyone's responsibility. Create something unique! Don't be a culture snob or a culture vulture. Attendance=support.
  • You can't judge a book by its cover. Freaky-lookin' folks might not be so hip, and clean-cut folks might not be the enemy. Judgments and preconceptions are useless here.
  • San Francisco's "crookedest street" isn't the tourist trap on Lombard: check out Vermont Street between 20th and 22nd in Potrero Hill.
  • The numbered "Avenue"s are in the West part of SF (Sunset/Richmond), and the numbered "Street"s are in the East (SOMA/Mission). The East-West streets in the Sunset and Richmond districts are alphabetical, except the borders of Golden Gate Park. Learn which streets' lights are timed: Oak/Fell, Bush/Pine, Gough/Franklin, Turk...
  • For info on any SF street address, block street sweeping times, representatives, recommended habitat plants, property values, schools, see the SF Property Information Map (PIM).
  • Earthquakes: Don't panic! They happen, but are not as scary if you're prepared. Keep 72 hours of water and supplies, check the live quake report here.
  • Don't bug out when the air raid siren sounds every Tuesday at noon. It's just a test. If it's the real thing, you'll know.
  • Sign up for EDIS emergency email alerts and Spare the Air "free public transportation day" email alerts.
  • I personally don't care if you call SF "Frisco," but others do. (Don't refer to residents as "Bay Areans." I ain't no "Aryan.")
  • Nobody owns the road, so look around you and share what little space there is. This goes for cars AND bikes AND pedestrians! Bikers: stop signs apply to you too. Drivers: don't park across two spaces.
  • Vote or shut the hell up.
A few tips about free health care, AIDS tests, hearing tests, how to get rid of parking tickets and help local schools. Free and good for local causes!

This is a map to ground zero of the new Internet music world. Over sixty net-music companies in San Francisco's Audio Alley and in the Bay Area, with direct links to their "jobs available" pages, the lowdown on what they do and who owns them.

Need extra cash? These companies will pay you good bucks for a few hours work.

Don't let me hear you complain that there's nothing to do tonight.