Resources for Musicians

DIY FYI: A Step-By-Step Guide for Musicians (as featured in SFWeekly's "ListenUp" music supplement.)

A comprehensive guide to gigs, a website, recording and promoting a CD. These cost-cutting tips should save you cash for guitar strings and a real engineer.

These two guides list the top live music calendars and radio shows that feature locally-bred music. All the contact info is listed to get your tunes on the air and to publicize your gig.

Silent Way has done recording projects in most venues in the Bay Area. This detailed guide will help you learn all about them, including audience capacity, map, etc.

The Silent Way Directory: SF Bay Area Clubs and Concert Listings

This other list of venues offers links to lots of local venues, from large arenas to small clubs.

The easiest, cheapest and most effective way to communicate with your fans is by e-mail. But there are a few VERY important rules that a list must abide by in order to be effective. Follow these or people will curse your name for eternity.

Tips for Recording Equipment

Got your own recording gear? Check out these tips to use it better.

Silent Way's Guide to Computer Audio Interfaces (PC or Mac)

Getting better audio quality out of (and into) your computer is pretty easy. A few minutes and/or a few bucks will improve your audio quality immensely! This page has the scoop on quick and easy ways to completely overhaul the sound of your music. Check out hundreds of USB/FireWire interfaces and USB/FireWire PCI cards.

This is a map to ground zero of the new Internet music world. Over sixty net-music companies in San Francisco's Audio Alley and in the Bay Area, with direct links to their "jobs available" pages, the lowdown on what they do and who owns them. Remember, a very wise bumper sticker once said, "Real Musicians Have Day Jobs."

Silent Way Consulting

Does your band need an automated mailing list, project recording studio system or a Mac tune up? Silent Way can help you out.

Silent Way Recording Equipment Rentals

Need to rent gear in the Bay Area? Check out the list of available equipment.

The Silent Way Directory: Audio Streaming and MP3 encoding software links

Check out these sites to understand the new methods of delivering your music to listeners. And to learn more about how streaming works, check out "Audio Streaming Technology and Legality," right below that section.

The Silent Way Directory: Music Business listings

Music Industry Organizations, Record Labels, Studio Listings, etc.

The Silent Way Directory: Bay Area Recording Studios

Silent Way's Resources for Studio Job Seekers

Links and tips if you're looking to get work in recording studios.

A list of the focus group companies in San Francisco

Need extra cash? These companies will pay you good bucks for a few hours work.

Also check out Silent Way's Tasty Music Stuff, with lots of info and MP3s for regular-non-musician-type-human-people.

Hope this stuff helps- Tony Brooke