About Silent Way

I named my business Silent Way in 1993 (after a few years of independent contracting). It was named in homage to the landmark album by Miles Davis, "In a Silent Way," and the title track written by Joe Zawinul.Miles Davis- In A Silent Way album cover

I'm a major Miles fan, inspired by his music and what he achieved. His innovation in genre transcendence and compositional collaboration changed the way people hear and make music. He listened so intently and communicated so effectively that he could make silence impart meaning. He didn't bullshit and never pulled punches. Just listen... it's all right there in his music.

That attitude represents my philosophy for the company and for this website. Here's more about the history of this website, silentway.com.

To explore this site you can search for anything, check out the sitemap, or see the glossary. And please let me know what you think.

    Tony Brooke (more about me in my personal pages.)