The Definitive DTRS Guide, Chapter 5: Error List

Silent Way's Definitive Guide to the
DTRS Modular Digital Multitrack Recorder

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The DA-88 Error List

The main error lights on the DA-88 are labeled "error" and "warning." "Error" lights intermittently when the 88 is attempting to correct errors by interpolation, which should correct minor errors inaudibly. This light can come on occasionally without too much worry. If it is lighting often or stays on, the deck should be cleaned (see "Cleaning the heads" in Chapter 2).

If the "warning" light lights, there is an innapropriate connection, the wrong digital clock sample rate or timecode is being received, or an unncorrectable error has occurred. The 88 will usually display one of the following messages in the display window.

"S-Err" are major Servo Errors which, even if corrected by cycling the power, should probably be checked by an authorized service center.


No clock data or the incorrect setting of the clock switch. Check your basic connections.

E. t cut

The tape is broken.

E. d io

Digital I/O error. Check your connections and word clock source.

E. dE

There is dew condensation on the heads. Leave the machine powered on for 1-2 hours.


The tape is not a Hi-8 (Metal Particle) tape. Use only recommended tapes.


The tape inserted is too thin. Only use recommended 120-minute or shorter tapes.


(SY-88 only) A different timecode than your selection is coming in. Check TC I/O and the DA-88's clock source (INTernal, WORD, or VIDEO).


(SY-88 only) No timecode is coming in. Check if TC is correctly connected and the source machine is sending TC to the DA-88.

no. AbS-t

(SY-88 only) You tried to record timecode on an unformatted tape or in an unformatted section. TC recording is automatically disabled.


There is no tape in the deck.


Mechanical problem (tape path, guide, drum motor, etc.)


Irregular head drum speed. The drum motor spin command is given, but no tachometer pulses from the frequency generator (FG) coil are received for 1.5 seconds.


Combination of Errors 1 & 2


Capstan motor problem. Similar definition as S-Err 02, but for capstan motor.


Combo of Errors 1 & 4


Combo of Errors 2 & 4


Combo of Errors 1, 2 & 4


Reel (take-up or supply) problem. No FG received from either reel table for 1.5 seconds.


Combo of Errors 1 & 8


Combo of Errors 2 & 8


Combo of Errors 1, 2 & 8. Mechanical mode change is not completed within 5 secs. **

Warning: Tape could be locked in transport.


Combo of Errors 4 & 8


Combo of Errors 1, 4 & 8


Combo of Errors 2, 4 & 8


Combo of Errors 1, 2, 4 & 8


The reel tables do not take up tape slack in preparation for eject.


The tape is loose or caught, and the speeds of the reels and capstan/pinch rollers do not match. Transport shuts down if tolerances are passed.


The solenoid does not engage during FF/REW (100x speed).


In Eject mode, the reels do not start to drive or do not lock for more than 1.5 seconds.


In Play mode, the reels do not start to drive or do not lock for more than 1.5 seconds.

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