The Definitive DTRS Guide, Chapter 8: Tascam DA-38

Silent Way's Definitive Guide to the
DTRS Modular Digital Multitrack Recorder

Part of the tips and tricks public archive, courtesy of Silent Way Remote Audio Recording and Media Asset Management in San Francisco.

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  • Dithering setting not saved on power down/up, defaults to "off":

    The Tascam DA-38 saves most of it's settings when cycling power down/up. But one setting, "Dither On/Off," is not saved. The DA-38 is a 16 bit recorder, but has 18 bit Analog-to-Digital converters. The extra bits can either be ignored (truncated) or dithered down to 16 bits. Dithering only matters when recording an analog input. For more info on this deck, see Silent Way's DA-88 Guide.

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