The Silent Way Directory: Web Authoring, Site Design and Management Links

The Silent Way Directory: Web Authoring, Site Design and Management Links

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Authoring Programs

Bare Bones Software- BBEdit
Big Brother- Check URL integrity

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe- official site
Adobe Support - User to User Forums Tips
Macromedia - Dreamweaver
Macromedia Dreamweaver at
Basic UltraDev Dreamweaver tips, tutorial movies
PHAkt by InterAKT- Dreamweaver extensions
Dreamweaver Zone
yaromat : dreamweaver

Domain Name Registry, Web Hosting - Domain Name Auctions, Research Hosting
"Free hosting" deal when you register a new domain.
CNET Web Services- Web Hosting - Web Services - Ping Tool
digital.forest - Filemaker database hosting

DreamHost Web Hosting's recommended host! Use Promo Code "silentway" to get five bucks off!! These guys are brilliant, have great prices and offer all the extra features you could ask for: unlimited domains for the price of one, unlimited subdomains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited users, free registry privacy, spam filters, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, simple control panel, one-click installs (wordpress, drupal, phpbb etc), free prebuilt forum, etc.

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Dynamic DNS Network Services
easyDNS: Control your domain Find Web Hosting Companies

GoDaddy - Domain Name Registry

I used to use Godaddy but they now suck. Constant upselling, terrible interface, no free registry privacy. Please. I now use and recommend DreamHost for registry and hosting.
Granite Canyon- The Public DNS Service - Domain Name Marketplace
Host Investigator- finding your next web host
HostCompare- Find a Web Host
ICANN accredited registrar list
Interland Hosting
IPNetRouter Product Information Free domain name registry, redirect
Free redirect service. Only catch is that you must receive their promotional email, every few weeks. But they "never" sell your email to third-parties. Search and Register Trademarks
NonSequitur domain name server
OpenSRS-Alternative Domain Registrar
Pair Networks- World Class Cheap Web Hosting
RegisterFree-your home for low-cost domain names Register Domain Names
RegSelect - comparison shop for domain registration
Hoping that domain name will become available so you can snap it up? That's how came to be. This site will notify you when your desired URL becomes available. Also, use this to secure the domains you already own.
Unclaimed Domains
WebIntellects, Inc: The One-Stop Web Shop
ZDNet- Picking a Web Host article
ZoneEdit Free DNS service - Easy, web-based domain management

Web Authoring Reference- General

A List Apart: Better Living Through XHTML Web Design
Adobe- Create Adobe PDF Online
AltaVista - Babelfish translate box for your site
Apple- Internet Developer Resources
Big Brother- HTML link checker Webmaster Resources, Website Tools Create, Buy & Sell Customizable Products- T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, Mugs, More
Chatty Fig Discussion Lists
CSS: CSS layout techniques
CSS: Introduction to CSS Layout
CSS Panic Guide
E-junkie Shopping Cart for selling downloads
EastBay Technologies - WebGrab!
Flash - Macromedia
Google AdSense
The best way to turn your web traffic into revenue. It's partly why this site is profitable.
Groupee (formerly Infopop's Ultimate Bulletin Board)
hillmancurtis web designers
HTML discussion-
HTML Goodies Home Page
HTML Help by The Web Design Group
HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners
IAB/CASIE Advertising Standard Banner Sizes
Ingenio Pay Per Call: Advertise on the web, only pay when you get a phone call
JCL's HTML & JavaScript Tutorial
LicenseMusic: Licensing Online Music
LinkShare Affiliate Network
LookSmart's Beseen - web design training, books, video
Free online HTML tools: 3D Text Maker, Animated Banner Maker, ButtonMaker, HTML checker, more...
Microsoft Developers Network Online Downloads
My Affiliate Program
PayLoadz - Sell Digital Goods with PayPal
PayPal - Sell online, Send Money Instantly and Securely
QuirksMode - for all your browser quirks
Silent Way Directory: Web Authoring, Site Design and Management Links
Site Meter - Counter and Statistics Tracker
Submit It! Search Engine Tips Free Web Counter/Tracker
TopHosts.Com - The Complete Webmaster Resource
URL Manager Pro
W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium
W3C CSS Validation Service
W3C HTML Validation Service
WDG HTML Validator
Web Site Garage - Improve Your Web Site
Webmaster Resources - Link checking from 7 24
Webmaster Station - free web tools
Webopedia: Online Computer Dictionary - Webmaster's HTML Reference Usability and Human Factors IT-specific encyclopedia
World Wide Web FAQ

Web Authoring Reference- Advanced articles
AJAX Tutorials, demos and projects-
BLOGGER web-based applications
Cascading Style Sheets: CSS Pointers Group
Cascading Style Sheets: FlamingoLingo Introduction to CSS
CGI Resource Index
CGI Resource Index: Remotely Hosted apps
CGI Works - Powerful CGI Scripts For Your Website
CGI World Online - Interactive Perl / CGI Scripts
CGIMachine - CGI Applications
Clever Content secure plug-in
DevShed - Open Source Web Development
Great resorce for advanced HTML, DHTML, Flash, JavaScript, XML, databases. Tutorials, guides, links...
Dynamic DNS Providers List
Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) code library brilliant database programming by Eliot Stock - the java icon generator (new)
Flash Kit, A Flash Developer Resource
Flash: moock>> web>> flash
FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary
Google- add web search or site search to your site
Java Boutique: Free Java Applets, Scripts
JavaScript Planet
JavaScript Source: Free JavaScripts, Tutorials
Javascript: Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
javascript: moock>> web>> javascript
Kagi online ordering, The Shocked Flash Resource
Lasso - Blue World Communications
LinuxPlanet - Tutorials - Setting Up MySQL
MacSQL Monitor- Runtime Labs, Inc.
Matt's Script Archive
META Tag Analyzer and META Tag Help - Music, Sounds, and Effects
MySQL | Articles | Building a Database-Driven Web Site Using PHP and MySQL
New-to-Java Programming Center
OpenBase International, Ltd.
PHP/MySQL Tutorial- Webmonkey
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
PHP: Introduction to PHP @ developerWorks - resources for PHP developers - tools galore...
the address digger, IP block, Traceroute, obfuscated URLs, the safe web browser, the safe javascript browser, Javascript pad, reverse DNS, Traceroute, rwhois, whois, Dejanews author search, Locate USPIS, blackhole list check, DNS Query...! database-developer search engine
Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters
SQL and the Macintosh
SQL Tutorial - James Hoffman
The Dynamic Duo - Cross-Browser DHTML
vBulletin PHP BBS- Community Instantly
WDVL: The Dastardly "favicon.ico not found" Error
Web Robots Pages
WebDAV Resources
Website Abstraction, THE JavaScript source
WebTrends Corporation
WebTrends Live, WebTrends Corporation
WebTrends Network: The Portal Site for Internet Professionals
WestCiv Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) References
Yahoo! Developer Network Home - AJAX User Interface Library

Web News and Tech Developments

cluetrain manifesto - The Dot-com Deadpool
PCData Online Reports Technology
Silent Way Directory: Audio Streaming Technology and Legality
Silent Way Directory: Macintosh News
TechTV | Dedicated to the Digital Lifestyle

Website Placement: Adding Sites to Search Engines and Directories

Alexa submit
Used by Microsoft's Internet Explorer ("Tools-->Show Related Links"), and Netscape Navigator ("What's Related").
Alexa Web Search - Information Editor
AltaVista - Add/Remove a URL - Cool Pick Site of the Day
Google: Add your URL to Google
The Big One. If you only submit to one search engine, this is the obvious one.
HotBot/Lycos | Submit Web Site
Like other services, I'm sure they'll give you something for nothing. But they'll take something too: your email address, which will get sold off to every SPAMmer that wants it. So set up a temporary freebie account to use for this. I warned you!!
iSubmit: Affordable Website Submission Service
Listing Checker - Check if your URL has been listed
LookSmart LookListings- Submit a Site
Lycos: Add Your Site to Lycos
Open Directory Project: Submitting a Site
Search Engine Watch: Search Engine Submission Tips Creating and Submitting to Search Engines - Sitemap Standard
Submit It!
Free service that submits your URL to dozens of search engines and directories. Simple. BUT BEWARE! Make DAMN sure you use a temporary freebie e-mail address (like Yahoo or Hotmail) or you WILL get added to tons of junk e-mail SPAM lists!
VSE- BeFound, Link Tester
Yahoo! Submit Your Site
Yahoo!: how to add your URL
Yahoo!: Site Announcement and Promotion index
Yahoo: Picks of the Week - Submit to Looksmart, MSN and AltaVista

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