Better iPod earbud headphones?

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I was one of the gazillion people that got an iPod for Christmas and as I was putting those miniscule earplugs in I was wondering what you would think of the sound. All the teenagers seem to think it is grand, but somehow I doubt it is up to your standards. It's great for the treadmill, but for true listening I think there is a better way.


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Of course, you're right, I have an opinion on this (like all things musical or technical). I got replacement iPod ear buds for my fiance and it makes a world of difference. They are also not tell-tale white and have an in-line volume control:

The Sennheiser MX-500 phones, under $20 and well worth it:

For more ideas, like around-the-head or enclosed headphones, read this article from 2003:

...and there have been many other new models recently.

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Some cool colored replacement ones are available from Aural New York