DA-88 input question - unbalanced + balanced simultaneously?

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I just stumbled into your DA-88 webpages -- thanks, very informative site.

One quick question, if I may:
Is it OK / advisable to use both the balanced and unbalanced inputs at the
same time?
Specifically, I used to have all 8 inputs use the rca in's, and everybody was
happy. But I have added 2 outboard mic pre's that use balanced XLR outs to
tape, and I have an 8 ch. XLR to D-sub cable hanging around. Would it be OK
to just unplug 4 of the rca's, and use the D-sub cable to cover these
channels, and leave the other 4 inputs rca inputs in place? (These are
connected to the buss outs on a 24x8 Mackie).
My alternative is to go all balanced, but it would require another patchbay,
and new snakes -- doable, but extra $$ (home studio). Is this mixed cabling
workaround a bad idea for any reason?

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Your plan would work.

The balanced input signal actually passes through the rca connector on it's way to the converter. It might even work without unplugging the rca inputs. try it!

The balanced and unbalanced OUTputs definitely both work simultaneously. I've used this to "mult" signals.

The one thing that you CAN'T do is use analog and digital inputs on a per-channel basis (unless you have a DA-78HR or DA-98HR).