DA-88 sync problem...

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I have 2 DA-88s. Machine 0 has an SY-88 card (however nothing is
hooked up to it), and machine 1 does not have an SY-88 card.
These decks are controlled by an RC-848, connected as
OUT of RC-848 to SYNC IN of machine 0, SYNC
OUT of machine 0 to SYNC IN of machine 1, Terminator
on OUT of machine 1.
Operating sys. on both decks is 3.01

When in the STOP, FF, + REW positions, the decks lock
ABS together (both tapes at same spot), but when I
press PLAY or REC, the master deck waits for the
slave to sync up, at which the slave deck will
alternate between FF and REW repeatedly (about a
second of ABS each way) until I hit STOP. When I do
hit STOP, the slave aligns itself back to the master.
I tried connecting the Word Syncs and that didn't help. I looked
through virtually all the menu settings and set all
offsets to zero as well, and that did not help.

T/C mode is ABS.

I am thinking there is a submenu somewhere I am not seeing.

Another interesting point is that when I try to format 2 tapes at
once, the master's time stays still while the slave runs.
Incidentally, I really can't get the master to do a format at all.

I thought your in your experience with DA-88s you may have an idea
of what's going on. There aren't too many in the Lehigh Valley who
are into these decks.

Thanks for your time.

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I would first check to see that the tapes in each DA-88 are formatted at the
same sample rate. They must be at the same rate (44.1 or 48) to work

Next, make sure that you are in ABS mode and not in TC mode. See my page here for details on these settings:

Also, check that the DA-88 with SY-88 is not in Pull-up/Pull-down mode with the method on that same page.
You want Pull OFF.