Digidesign 888/24 i/o- 20 or 24 bit D/A output?

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Apparently some of the early units only had 20 bit D/A converters at the output. Here's how to check for this:

-Open up the top of the 888/24
-Make sure the unit is off, but connected to a power outlet, so that it is grounded and you don't accidentally zap a chip in there. Also, try not to touch or come close to the chips in there. All you need is to get somewhat close to a chip, and unless you are wearing a grounding wrist straps, you could discharge enough static electricity into a chip to damage it without totally disabling it. So that the problem only shows itself months after opening the unit.

-Look on the output section of the 888/24, which (looking at the back of the unit) will be to the left.
-There will be a ribbon cable that connects the circuit board in the unit to the XLR outputs.
-Beneath that ribbon cable there will be four small chips on the following printed locations of the circuit board:

U10 U9 U7 U8

-The chips will have two rows of long numbers on them that start with "CS" followed by four numbers. If the numbers are:

4329 - then the converters are 20 bit

4390 - then the converters are 24 bit

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Most studios over here dont bother with the 888s or 192s as they sound horrible.
Get some Apogee's or something good instead!!!
Makes your music sound better.
EVEN better buy yourself some good analogue gear instead to get a "proper sound".
In a "blind" listening test over here lin 2005 set up by the Producer's Guild the Radar system won anyway.


Love ProTools for editing dont like hte sound!!!