Dinner or Something

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summer in the city,
all go-gettin' pretty
all over Chase Place
never disgrace a face
hot smokin' wind
streaks mean streets sin
team jumpin' tried
true tricks West Side

clock tick sweat stick
air flow there ya go
heat's thick heels click
hydrants blow keep it low

sun sets down,
check coolin' downtown
store grates close,
crowded bus runs late
lost paper found
her new number uptown
out like a rocket,
paycheck burns pocket

home james face change
crib dash quick splash
phone call dance hall?
mack snack mirror check

jam pack smoky,
kids hit the low key
smalltalk foolish thought,
Bird blares "Mohawk"
each glance longer
eye sky blue stronger
mirror ball throws snow,
skate dance floor show

hit spit hot spot
loose blues lose yer shoes
scope down Teen Town
glance grow soul know

This lyric is part of the Lyric Fu challenge.