Drive Savers Hard Disk Recovery and Discount Code

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Hello, Forum Visitors-

A lot of people have asked me over the years about hard drive disaster recovery. Here's my answer to this FAQ (applies to Mac or PC):

First, you need to rule out software-related issues. See this thread (Mac) and this thread (Mac) and this webpage (PC) for details on the first steps when you have problems. Do what you can on your own before taking your system to your local repair shop.

If non-physical solutions have been eliminated, you may realize that your hard drive could be physically damaged. It might be a simple breakdown, since hard drives have mechanical parts that wear out naturally. Or, it might be a more complex loss due to force impact, water damage, fire, lightning, whatever! If it's more complicated than your local repair shop can handle, it's time to break out the big guns.

There's one company, Drive Savers, that's well known as the best data recovery service when you absolutely must get your data back. Truthfully, I've been hesitant to send clients to them in the past because they were expensive. But when the lost data is worth a lot, Drive Savers is the only way to go.

And now, I've lined up a discount for you which makes the Drive Savers service much more affordable. It works like this...

If you give them my discount code: DS-15248, then you get:

    • A 10% discount off the recovery price,
    • No charge (regularly $200) if the data is not recoverable, and
    • Free FedEx return shipping of unrecoverable media.

So there's not much to lose. They've saved every type of media imaginable since 1985, and they're authorized by hard drive manufacturers to open sealed drive mechanisms without voiding the warranty. I've sent people to them before and they are for real. Now, I'll be totally up-front: I get a referral bonus from them too. But, your savings are bigger and it's a win-win for both of us!

So, go to their website to learn more:
or call: (800) 440-1904 / (415) 382-2000
They are open Mon-Fri 6am-6pm, and Sat-Sun 7am-3pm PST.

And remember to mention the discount code, DS-15248.

They can turn around drives shipped to them in just a day or two, if you choose their priority service. BTW, they are located in the [url=*-]San Francisco Bay Area[/url] and accept dropoffs but call ahead.

Of course, since my clients should be listening to my advice, they should make regularly scheduled backups anyway. (And they are, right? Hello?)

And good luck! I wouldn't wish this situation on anyone, but at least there's hope.