HELP! Tascam 788?

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I am looking into buying a tascam 788 and have seen one on ebay for 500 bucks (used) with the extra external cd burner compatible wit hit (TEAC). I would be using it to record a personal demo CD (which it would be fine for i am assuming) and also for my band which has a drummer, a guitarist who sings, me (lead vocals) and a bassist. By the way any opinoins on the sound quality of this machine? I have heard that if we have t o use adpaters (from 3/4 to 1/4) that it can sound bad? I was wondering if the bassist and the guitarist could hook up to this thing (adaptersneeded ? they have 3/4 inch which is normal for guitar and bass) but the manual says that all of the inputs are 1/4 inch?) also are there enough inputs for 2 mics for vocals, one for drums, and one for each the bassist and the guitarist? (five in all) Sorry for all the questions but this is my first purchase of any recording equipment and any help is appreciated... also whats up with XLR and TRS? What do u need for mics vs. instruments? Thanks in advacne for any help! :D

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Hey - It's been a month, I see, and no-one has replied for I don't know if this helps, but here's some basic info. The TASCAM 788 would be great for what you are talking about recording, and $500 for the unit AND the CDRW drive is a great deal. Sound quality is better than you'll ever need for demo, though not "studio" quality. 24-bit is perfectly suitable for self-copied promo CDs too.
The 8 tracks available are sufficient for your band, though you'll need to patch in each channel with a 1/4" TRS from your mixing board or direct. Anytime you use "adapters" the quality can decline, as you say. There is one input on the unit that takes a direct guitar, and allows many digital onboard effects to be added. I assume by 3/4" you are talking about standard microphone-type XLR jacks (that's the one with the three pins inside a round sleeve with a little release clip used for all low-impedence mic's) The 1/4" jacks on the unit are high OR low impedence, TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) like the cable you connect your guitar to the amp and those used to patch audio equipment with.
Best advice? Do a search online for "Tascam 788 advanced training video" and buy one :)

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