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Hi all!
I'm new to this forum and have to say I'm impressed with the amount of info on the DTRS format. However, there is one item that I'm suprised hasn't been addressed yet, on this site OR the Eddie Coletti site.

Is there any way to adjust the analog I/O levels on the DA-88? What is the factory setting of the levels? For ex. if I send 1K at 0VU (+4) my deck reads -16. I had always set DAT machines and ProTools to -18. Film spec is -20. If I align the rest of my room to a specific level, I should be able to make my DA-88 match right? :?

Thanks in advance for sheding any light on the subject!

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Short answer: nope.

Longer-yet-possibly-still-incomplete answer: The original DA-88 was -16dB. None of the DTRS recorders have input gain control. Two models did, however, offer multiple reference level settings: the DA-98 and DA-98HR. They had –16dBFS, –18dBFS and –20dBFS.

From p 45 of the DA-98 manual:

The value of reference level (for analog inputs and outputs) on the DA-98 can be selected from among three standard values: TASCAM, SMPTE and European reference levels, depending on the application. The meanings of these three levels are (referenced to +4 dBu nominal levels):

Standard / Reference level (0dBFs) / Nominal level / Maximum level
TASCAM / –16dB / +4dBu / +20dBu
European / –18dB / +4dBu / +22dBu
SMPTE / –20dB / +4dBu / +24dBu

(BTW, yes, the Panasonic 3800 and 3700 use -18 dBFS.)

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Thanks for the short AND long of it!
This confirms my suspicions, and justifies past proceedures.
Makes it difficult to explain to clients however! :?