How to remove track numbers preceding filenames in XP?

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My music directory contains a few hundred filenames with track numbers preceding them.
01 Basin Street
01-Annabelle Lee
01 Chega de Saudad

Some filenames have hyphens, others don't

As a result I am unable to find my tunes alphabetically.

Can anyone point me to a utility which will allow me to eliminate the numbers (and hyphens) without doing each filename separately?

Many thanks

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Trim filenames with this handy utility, which can even read the ID3 tags and name the file as you wish,
for PC it's called A Better File Rename:
for Mac it's called A Better Finder Rename:

That app is priceless. I built a drop-applet that strips all weird punctuation, spaces and excess characters from my audio files. Here's the rules:

strip _'"’!?#(),+&.* /: (includes 1 whitespace)
ignore file ending

For more ideas in this dept check out this article: