How to reset DA-88 offset to default?

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We have a DA-88 that lately has a timecode problem.
I use it in a Video Production Suite to remix music from a church service.
Lately the timecode has been off about :12:00 (12Sec).
This is not intermittent but happens every edit.
Is there a reset for the machines parameters that will reset offsets and delays
to the factory defaults?


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If the offset is exactly the same at any TC or ABS location, it's an offset. (If not, it's a framerate drift issue.) Press the "display" button until you get to the "offset" window, as indicated by the lights to the left of the time display. Once there, set the offset to zero by hitting the "up" and "down" arrows at the same time.

If that's at zero and you still have a problem, check the pull-up/pull-down:
"With display in TC window, hold down the UP arrow and press Fs (sample rate selection, next to the FORMAT button). The UP and DOWN arrows will then cycle through:
...PULL OFF, PULL DOWN, PULL UP Non-Drop frame, PULL-UP Drop frame... "

Also, try item #22 in the TC submenu, as described here:

Selections 16-23 are only available if item # 15 is set to "ON" (1).

Good luck!

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Thanks Tony,

I'll try these DA-88 fixes asap.