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hi, i'm a single guy in the north east lookin for music to rest my mind with. any thoughts of where i can down load that kinda stuff?

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wellllll, it depends on whether you want to download it to your drive to keep, or just tune into a streaming radio station. To download stuff to keep, I'm hot for . Check out the genres "Ambient" and "Downtempo".

For streams, I list my MP3 stream faves here:
Those are all MP3 streams (I prefer that format), but other cool groovilicious chillout stations of all formats are:

The way way way excellent Beats in Space, which is Thursday nights from 10:30pm to 1:00am EST on or, you can download many Gigabytes worth (yes, that's days and days of music) of previous shows:


and a few hundred more in other genres here:

Now, you can entertain the fine ones...


May I suggest Tactical Tranquility?

Tactical radio plays music from Nightmares on Wax, Minus 8, Alphawezen, Jean F. Cochois, Akufen, Naoki Kenji, Guardner, Bjorn Torske, Sushi Club, Nor Elle, Subtonal, Bonobo, Grantby, Gerd, PFL, Lazyboy, Index ID, Drilla, DJ Trax, Lemongrass, Air, Board of Canada, Ulrich Schnauss, Thunderball, Geb.El, United Future Organization and hundreds of other downtempo artists over a 36-hour program.

Hope you enjoy.