PCM-800- does it work with a DA-88 and RC-848?

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I'm wondering if I integrate a PCM-800 with the two DA-88s I have, do you think the RC-848 will be able to run the system properly with the PCM-800's play & stop buttons being reversed from the DA-88s'?.... I'm thinking that the button placement is only physical and not relating to the actual processor command.... Am I right / wrong?

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You are right. The RC-848 works fine with PCM-800s and DA-88s. They are essentially the same machine with a different front panel. Here's a description of the differences amongst the PCM-800 and the rest of the DTRS models:

They work together with no problems if the firmware in each unit is the latest (from the mid-late 1990's). NOTE that PCM-800 version 2 = DA-88 version 4. Here's how to check the software versions in all machines including the 848:


Unfortunately Tascam, in their infinite wisdom, has taken down the webpage which detailed the most recent software/firmware versions. So, call them up and tell them you want it back:

(323) 726-0303 (Montebello, South CA)