TASCAM 788 - CD/R - Which recorder?

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I have a Tascam 788 digital portastudio. But my CD/RW does seem compatible. It a Yamaha CRW6416SX external. Anyone know how to make it work ir which CD/R or RW I should buy?

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I think that the best way to get that question answered is to contact Tascam directly and see if the Yamaha CRW6416SX is supported at all. And if it is, why isn't it working in your setup? I've not worked with the 788. Sometimes there are software updates to add more drives to the compatibility list. Find out what version of operating software your 788 has, and ask Tascam if it is the latest version.

The 788 update/manual/addendum/download page:

Tascam Tech Support: 213-726-0303
(Montebello, S CA)


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I read somewhere the tascam 788 is only compatible with the 788 cdrw and three other TEAC drives.Problem is i can,t remember the model numbers one of them could have been w512s?OLd drives though.Someone on ebay u.k was selling one recently.