Where to get equipment repaired in the Bay Area?

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It's harder and harder to find good audio equipment repair companies these days. Where can I go in the Bay Area?

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True, good repair is hard to find. Today's manufacturers don't give a rat's ass about supporting independent authorized service centers, they just want you to throw it out and buy a new one. Personally, I often just send broken gear back to the manufacturer even if it's out of warranty.

But there are competent local technicians out there. It's just harder to find them because they each specialize in a particular equipment niche. Make sure to ask about turn-around time. In the Bay Area, here are a few:

Analog tape recorders, consoles, DATs (no ADATs, DA88s or "consumer junk") in San Francisco, Michael Gore:
aka B.A.S.E. (Bay Area Studio Engineering)

Classic outboard gear in the East Bay, "Specializing in Custom Racking of Vintage Modules":
(510) 581-3817

Wiring and installation, Ross Yeo:

CAE Sound in San Mateo primarily repairs instruments, but does some Pro Audio too:

A Brown Soun repairs speakers:

Also, these local equipment dealers have repair departments, ask if they will do your repair in-house or if they'd send it to the manufacturer (in which case you might as well send it to the manufacturer yourself):

After that, I'd recommend contacting the manufacturer directly. It's often about the same price (including shipping) and turn-around time anyway. Here's my list of most companies:

Note: Studio Maintenance Center (San Rafael) used to be my repair center of choice, but the owner, Stan Jacox, moved to Russia and frankly I was underwhelmed by the new ownership.

If you personally recommend more, please do post a reply!

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This just in: L+M Electronics repairs Tascam and Yamaha. They are located at 2401 Geneva Ave, across from the Cow Palace, Daly City just south of San Francisco, 415-586-1840. I've previously used them for high-end and regular-end home stereo repairs and they were great. It now looks like they do some Pro Audio too:

One report says that they tuned up some Tascam DATs with good results. Not sure yet if they work on multitrack recorders.

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And another place to try... I just found out about Pro Audio Repairs in San Francisco. I have not tried them yet, but they are worth investigating.