The Computer Audio Interface Guide

This guide covers computer audio interfaces (sometimes referred to as "I/O"s or "breakout boxes") for PC or Mac. These provide audio input, output and additional features which improve upon any built-in audio jack. This guide does not cover internal PCI cards, just external connectors (USB, FireWire etc). See the bottom of this page for an intro to the terminology and trends.

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FireWire 400 (97)       |      FireWire 800 (9)       |      mLAN (8)       |      USB 1 (121)       |      USB 2 (24)
Make Model Port Mic Pressort icon Bit/Sample Rate List Price Shop New Shop Used Notes Details
Mackie d.4 pro FireWire 400 2 $1149.00 Shop New

DJ VCA mixer with 14x8 FireWire I/O. 4 stereo inputs, 2 mic inputs, optical crossfader. Includes Tracktion 3 software.

Apogee Duet FireWire 400 2 24bit/96.0k $599.00 Shop New

2 ch analog in on XLR, 2 ch analog in on 1/4" instrument, 2 ch analog out on 1/4", all I/O on breakout cable, headphone out, phantom...

Ego Systems (ESI) Quata-Fire XL FireWire 400 2 24bit/192.0k $499.00

4 channel 96 kHz analog input (2 XLR/TRS combo, 2 RCA), 8 channel 192 kHz analog output (2 XLR, 2 RCA, 2 TRS stereo), headphone amp, S/...

Tascam US-122mkII USB 2 2 24bit/96.0k $199.00 Shop New

2 analog input (2 XLR or 2 1/4" TRS or 1 instrument), 2 analog out (RCA), MIDI i/o, headphone out, includes Steinberg Cubase LE4.

Tascam US-144mkII USB 2 2 24bit/96.0k $270.00 Shop New

2 analog input (2 XLR or 2 1/4" TRS, 1 instrument), 2 analog out (RCA), instrument input, S/PDIF i/o, MIDI i/o, headphone out.

Tascam FireOne FireWire 400 2 24bit/96.0k $399.00 Shop New

2 analog in (2 XLR/TRS combo, 1 instrument), 2 analog out (TRS), MIDI i/o, transport controls (works with many DAW apps), function keys...

Terratec Aureon 5.1 USB MKII USB 1 2 16bit/48.0k

2 analog input (3.5 mm, mic in on 3.5mm), 6 analog out (3 stereo 3.5mm), S/PDIF optical i/o, headphone out. 49.99 euro.

MOTU 828 mkIII FireWire 400 2 24bit/192.0k $795.00 Shop New

10 analog i/o, 16 ch ADAT i/o, S/PDIF i/o, word clock i/o, headphone out, MIDI i/o, SMPTE, built-in hardware-based effects. AudioDesk...

Presonus FireStudio Mobile FireWire 400 2 24bit/96.0k $400.00 Shop New

8 inputs (2 combo XLR mic/unbalanced TS instrument, 6 balanced TRS line), 2 line out (TRS), headphone out, S/PDIF I/O, MIDI I/O. Small 1...

ART USB Dual Pre USB 1 2 16bit/48.0k $129.00 Shop New

2 ch analog in (mic/line on XLR/1/4" combo), 2 ch analog out (1/4"), powered via USB or internal 9 volt battery or optional external 12V...

Apogee Duet2 USB 2 2 24bit/192.0k $595.00 Shop New

Built-in: 1/4" headphone out. For other I/O the Duet2 requires either a breakout cable (2 ch analog in on XLR/TRS combo for line/mic/...

Edirol UA-25EX
2 24bit/96.0k Shop New

2 ch analog in (on XLR/TRS combo, one of which can take an instrument in), 2 ch analog out (on TRS and RCA), digital in/out (on optical...

M-Audio MobilePre v2 USB 1 2 24bit/48.0k $179.00 Shop New

2 analog inputs (two XLR/TRS combo or two 1/4"), 2 analog outputs (two 1/4"), "direct monitor" mode, phantom power, headphone out

Roland Quad-Capture USB 2 2 24bit/192.0k $349.00 Shop New

Also known as the Roland UA-55. Two analog input channels on XLR/TRS combo connectors, two output channels on TRS connectors, two...

Edirol UA-1000 USB 2 4 24bit/96.0k $945.00 Shop New

Rackmount 10 channel in/out with tons of i/o options, ADAT i/o, wordclock i/o, MIDI, etc. Note: Windows only, no Mac support. Branded as...

RME Audio Fireface 800 FireWire 800 4 24bit/192.0k $1799.00 Shop New

13 analog inputs (8x1/4" balanced, 4xXLR, 1x1/4" unbalanced), 9 analog outs, (8x1/4" balanced, 1x1/4"unbalanced), ADAT i/o, S/PDIF i/o....

Tascam US-428 USB 1 4 24bit/48.0k $625.00 Shop New

4 input (2 XLR, 2 1/4" TRS, 2 unbalanced 1/4"), MIDI i/o, S/PDIF i/o, includes Steinberg Cubase LE (later included Cubasis VST) and...

Digidesign Digi 002 (MX002) FireWire 400 4 24bit/96.0k $2495.00 Shop New

Control surface and audio I/O with 8 automated faders, 8 soft knobs, transport controls, works as stand-alone digital mixer, includes...

Digidesign Digi 002 Rack (MX002R) FireWire 400 4 24bit/96.0k $1295.00 Shop New

I/O for ProTools (rackmounted) with 8 analog I/O, ADAT I/O, S/PDIF, MIDI, includes Pro Tools LE software. There is NO word clock I/O. (...

Ego Systems (ESI) Octa-Fire FireWire 400 4 24bit/192.0k $699.00

8 channel i/o analog, headphone amp, S/PDIF coaxial digital I/O, 4 MIDI i/o.