The Computer Audio Interface Guide

This guide covers computer audio interfaces (sometimes referred to as "I/O"s or "breakout boxes") for PC or Mac. These provide audio input, output and additional features which improve upon any built-in audio jack. This guide does not cover internal PCI cards, just external connectors (USB, FireWire etc). See the bottom of this page for an intro to the terminology and trends.

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FireWire 400 (97)       |      FireWire 800 (9)       |      mLAN (8)       |      USB 1 (121)       |      USB 2 (24)
Make Modelsort icon Port Mic Pres Bit/Sample Rate List Price Shop New Shop Used Notes Details
Mackie Onyx 400F FireWire 400 4 24bit/192.0k $899.00 Shop New

10 analog in (4 combo XLR/TRS, 6 TRS), 8 analog out (TRS), low-latency mixer, stand-alone operation, spdif i/o, word i/o, midi i/o, 64-...

Mackie Onyx FireWire I/O Card FireWire 400 24bit/96.0k $499.00 Shop New

Optional card which adds FireWire I/O to the Mackie Onyx series mixers: 1220, 1620 and 1640. Includes full version of Mackie's Tracktion...

Mackie Onyx Satellite FireWire 400 2 24bit/96.0k $520.00 Shop New

Dockable sytem with pull-out portable interface and base station, comes with Tracktion recording software. ("Coming soon" in 2006.)

Prism Orpheus FireWire 400 4 24bit/192.0k $5000.00 Shop New

8 in (4 combo XLR/TRS), 8 out (TRS), 2 instrument in, Optical I/O, S/PDIF I/O, wordclock I/O, MIDI I/O, 2 headphone outs.

M-Audio Ozone USB USB 1 1 24bit/96.0k $399.00 Shop New

Mini-keyboard MIDI controller (25 note) with audio I/O, 2 analog input (1 XLR mic, 1 balanced 1/4" TRS, or 2 balanced 1/4" TRS), 2...

M-Audio Ozonic FireWire FireWire 400 $599.00 Shop New

Keyboard MIDI controller (37 note) with audio I/O, 24bit 96k, 4 analog input (1 mic XLR, 1 instrument unbalanced 1/4", 2 line unbalanced...

Telex P-500 USB 1 $60.00 Shop New

Analog-to-digital input only? Discontinued, manufacturer website was formerly...

Telex P-800 USB 1 $36.00 Shop New

Discontinued, manufacturer website was formerly ...

Edirol PCR-1 USB 1 24bit/96.0k $249.00 Shop New

25-key MIDI keyboard with audio interface, 2 RCA inputs, 2 RCA outputs, optical out, USB power. Note: NO MIDI i/o jacks. Branded as "...

Edirol PCR-A30 USB 1 24bit/96.0k $395.00 Shop New

32-key MIDI keyboard with 2 1/4" analog inputs, 2 RCA outputs, optical out, MIDI i/o, mini speakers, USB power. Branded as "Edirol by...

Terratec Phase 24 FW FireWire 400 24bit/192.0k

2 analog inputs (1/4" TRS), 2 analog outputs (1/4" TRS), headphone output, S/PDIF I/O (on breakout cable), MIDI I/O (on breakout cable...

Terratec Phase 26 USB USB 1 1 24bit/96.0k $399.00

6 analog outputs (RCA), 2 channel input with selectable phono preamp (RCA), mic input (TRS), S/PDIF coaxial i/o, S/PDIF optical i/o,...

Terratec Phase X24 FW
FireWire 400
2 24bit/192.0k

2 analog inputs (XLR/TRS combo), 4 analog outputs (1/4" TRS), 2 insert jacks (TRS insert unbalanced), headphone output, optical I/O,...

Terratec Phono PreAmp Studio USB USB 1 $199.00

2 channel input with phono preamp, 3-level input level switch (phono min, phono hi, line), 3-level input capacity switch (100 pF, 250 pF...

Line 6 PodXT USB 1 24bit $419.00 Shop New

Guitar input with amp modeling, mic modeling, effects, download new emulation algorithms via USB.

TC Electronic PowerCore FireWire FireWire 400 $1745.00 Shop New

Not an audio interface. FireWire processor adds DSP horsepower to any VST or MAS DAW (PC or Mac). Comes with a bunch of plug-ins. Other...

Griffin PowerMate USB 1 $45.00 Shop New

Not an audio interface, volume knob/programmable scrolling controller for any app.

Griffin PowerWave USB 1 $99.00 Shop New

USB, 2 in, 2 out, 15 watt amplified speaker output. Discontinued.

Xitel Pro HiFi-Link USB 1 $99.00

2 channel RCA analog out, S/PDIF coax output, TOSLink optical output, comes with (3) 30 foot cables: 1/8"-2RCA, S/PDIF coax, TOSLink...

M-Audio ProFire 2626 FireWire 400 8 24bit/192.0k $900.00 Shop New

8 analog in (on XLR/TRS combo), 8 analog out (TRS), 16ch ADAT i/o, (2) instrument inputs, 26 simultaneous inputs, S/PDIF i/o (on fanout...