The Computer Audio Interface Guide

This guide covers computer audio interfaces (sometimes referred to as "I/O"s or "breakout boxes") for PC or Mac. These provide audio input, output and additional features which improve upon any built-in audio jack. This guide does not cover internal PCI cards, just external connectors (USB, FireWire etc). See the bottom of this page for an intro to the terminology and trends.

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FireWire 400 (97)       |      FireWire 800 (9)       |      mLAN (8)       |      USB 1 (121)       |      USB 2 (24)
Makesort icon Model Port Mic Pres Bit/Sample Rate List Price Shop New Shop Used Notes Details
MOTU 828 mkIII FireWire 400 2 24bit/192.0k $795.00 Shop New

10 analog i/o, 16 ch ADAT i/o, S/PDIF i/o, word clock i/o, headphone out, MIDI i/o, SMPTE, built-in hardware-based effects. AudioDesk...

MOTU Traveler-mk3 FireWire 400 4 24bit/192.0k $895.00 Shop New

8 analog in (4 XLR mic, 4 TRS), 8 analog out (TRS), 16 ch optical i/o (16 ADAT at up to 48k, or 8 ADAT at up to 96k, or 2 stereo TOSLink...

MOTU 896mk3 FireWire 400 8 24bit/192.0k $1295.00 Shop New

8ch analog i/o (XLR/TRS combo in, XLR out), 16ch ADAT i/o, 2ch AES i/o, and 2ch S/PDIF i/o. Can do simultaneous input/output of all...

MOTU MicroBook USB 2 1 24bit/48.0k $269.00 Shop New

4 analog in (1 Mic TRS with included adapter to XLR, 1 instrument 1/4", 2 more inputs on either 2 TRS or 1 mini stereo 1/8"), 4 analog...

Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ USB 2 1 24bit/96.0k $449.00 Shop New

4 stereo inputs (8 RCA), 4 stereo outputs (8 RCA), 2 optional phono preamps, MIDI I/O, headphone out, compatible with Final Scratch...

Numark TTUSB USB 1 $299.00 Shop New

USB turntable, line-level analog output (RCA), built-in phono preamp with line level RCA outputs, line-level input for audio into...

Onkyo UD5 USB 1 $79.00

USB, digital optical out only. PC only?

Onkyo SE-U55 USB 1 1 Shop New

2-in, 2-out, S/PDIF coax I/O, optical I/O, mic in (1/8"), headphone out.

Onkyo MSE-U33HB USB 1 1 Shop New

2-in, 2-out, with 3-port USB hub, mic input (1/8"?) and GM/GS synth sound set.

Onkyo DW-S500 USB 1 $400.00 Shop New

Stereo system with USB input, bookshelf sized.

Philips PSC805 Aurilium USB 1 1 16bit/48.0k $99.00 Shop New

2 analog in (one 1/8" jack), 6 analog out (three 1/8" jacks), optical S/PDIF out, coax S/PDIF out, mic in (1/8"), headphone out (1/8"),...

Presonus Firebox FireWire 400 2 24bit/96.0k $499.00 Shop New

4 analog input (2 XLR/TRS combo, 2 TRS), 6 analog output (6 TRS), S/PDIF I/O (DB9), MIDI I/O (DB9), headphone out, can daisychain...

Presonus Inspire 1394 FireWire 400 2 24bit/96.0k $299.00 Shop New

4 analog input (2 XLR mic, 2 1/4" TS instrument, 2 RCA), phono preamp, 2 analog output (2 RCA, 1/8" stereo), headphone out, Low Latency...

Presonus FP10 FireWire 400 8 24bit/96.0k $799.00 Shop New

8 ch i/o (8 XLR/TRS combo, 2 TS), 8 analog out (8 TRS), S/PDIF, MIDI i/o, zero latency monitoring, can daisychain multiple units, comes...

Presonus FIREstation
FireWire 400
2 $899.00

8 ch i/o, tube emulation, ADAT i/o, S/PDIF, MIDI and onboard mixer for zero latency monitoring. Works as standalone 2 ch mic pre and 8...

Presonus FireStudio FireWire 400 8 24bit/96.0k $699.00 Shop New

Bigger than the FirePod, comes with MSR Monitor Station Remote.

Presonus FireStudio Mobile FireWire 400 2 24bit/96.0k $400.00 Shop New

8 inputs (2 combo XLR mic/unbalanced TS instrument, 6 balanced TRS line), 2 line out (TRS), headphone out, S/PDIF I/O, MIDI I/O. Small 1...

Prism ADA-8XR FireWire 400 24bit/192.0k $11236.00 Shop New

Modular with option slots for many configurations: 16 channel AD converter, 16 Channel DA converter, 8 channel AD/DA etc. Optional cards...

Prism Orpheus FireWire 400 4 24bit/192.0k $5000.00 Shop New

8 in (4 combo XLR/TRS), 8 out (TRS), 2 instrument in, Optical I/O, S/PDIF I/O, wordclock I/O, MIDI I/O, 2 headphone outs.

Radikal Technologies SAC-2.2 USB 1 $1849.00