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Need a new website or improvements to an old site? How about a searchable, sortable database-driven site? Need help with music encoding, online distribution or starting a streaming radio station? How would you like a centralized digital media recording/playback network, accessible from anywhere? Or, maybe you just need guidance through the maze of recent net developments.

Silent Way offers training, installation, upgrading, system stabilization, efficiency tuning, bug repair, configuration advice, usability testing, network administration and purchasing recommendations.

Here are a few of the most popular IT Consulting requests:

• Digital Media: You need to encode, stream and sell your music online. Or, you want the ultimate music listening setup and a digital video recorder, networked throughout the building. Hire a guide through the vast jungle of digital media complications.

• Websites: Silent Way can build your site, or improve what you've already built. How about a fully dynamic website which draws info from an easily updatable database? Maybe you just need advice on what to do next. The powerful Drupal content management system is one potential solution.

Contact Tony Brooke for scheduling and hourly rates, available only in the Bay Area.

For more on Tony Brooke, see this resume.

Also see Silent Way's Macintosh Consulting, Audio Consulting and Web Development services.

If you need in-depth technical advice now, call the consulting hotline below. Hours are 10am-5pm PST, or schedule a callback. The rate is $1 per minute.

Tony Brooke
1-888-693-8437 ext. 01615296
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