MAM System Details

This is just one of over seventy Media Asset Management (MAM) systems covered in the Media Asset Management Guide. Also see descriptions of the workflows.

MAM Organization: 
Workflows Served: 
Production and Editing
Content Managed: 
Service Method: 
Distribution Model: 
Proprietary with Subscription Contract

Aframe is designed to aid a video production workflow. In addition, "non-video assets can be uploaded into Aframe and preserved with the project through its lifecycle. Such documents (budgets, marketing glossies, shot lists, release forms, background music, etc.) can be uploaded using the 'documents' tab in Aframe and attached to specific time-codes of your clips."

"Aframe is not an editing platform, but it does help you get to your edit faster and arrive in better shape. Aframe’s edit integration facility, Edit Flow, helps you manage your content more effectively, organise what you’re going to need in the edit and then finally transfer all that hard work into your editing system of choice... AVID Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere."