Media Asset Management Systems: consumer download workflow

This guide covers Media Asset Management (MAM) systems that manage video and audio in various workflows. General-purpose Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems may be included but only if they handle video or audio. Systems that only manage still images are not included. See this introduction video for a tour.

Note: This was the result of extensive research in 2014, and has not been updated since then. Consider it to be out of date and just useful for historical reference.

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Archives (15)   |   Broadcast Playback (10)   |   Business and Marketing (30)   |   Consumer Download (1)   |   Discovery Interface (11)   |   Preservation (5)   |   Production and Editing (25)
MAM Organization Workflows Served Content Managed Service Method Distribution Details
Reach Engine
Levels Beyond
Production and Editing
Discovery Interface
Consumer Download
(To Be Determined)
(To Be Determined) Details