Midas Verona

Mixer Details

This is just one of over 75 professional audio mixers covered in The Mixer Output Guide, which describes direct outs, inserts, hidden mods and more. To see the rest, and for definitions, visit The Guide.

Direct Out: 
TRS balanced, "impedance balanced" on mono inputs only, post EQ pre mute by factory default, internal jumper mod for pre EQ/pre insert. 0dBu.
1/4" on mono inputs only, TS/RR, Pre-EQ. "Multi Function" channels are different, see manual.
Gain Control of Direct Output: 

DO factory default is post EQ pre mute, internal jumper sets DO pre EQ and pre insert. When not using the insert with a mic input, an unbalanced 1/4" jack into the insert point can be a direct out, IF you do not activate the channel strip insert switch (which would cut signal).

Price It: