Roland M-480

Mixer Details

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Direct Out: 
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48 mono input (or 24 stereo in) line-level rackmounted mixer with no mic preamps. This mixer uses an ingenious method to fit 48 channels in a compact frame. It has independent input gain for all 48 ins, but only 24 knobs for channel level to master. Essentially it has 24 stereo inputs which have independent input gain/pan/trim/mute on EACH of the 48 mono inputs. The level to the mix, solo and bus assignments are in pairs. Inputs are unbalanced 1/4" (switchable +4 or -20 dBm). Also has seven stereo returns which can be used as additional inputs for a total of 62 (48 mono plus 14) inputs! Has 6 aux sends (4 post-fader, 2 switchable pre/post globally) and solo (latching cue) on each of the 24 pairs. Also, all busses (master, sub out, monitor out, aux out and eff out) can be daisy-chained with another mixer to make an even bigger mixer. Master XLR out is Pin 3 hot.

Note: The mixer described here is from the 1980s or 1990s. It is different than the Roland digital mixer by the same name from around 2011-2012.

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