Soundcraft Spirit Monitor 2

Mixer Details

This is just one of over 75 professional audio mixers covered in The Mixer Output Guide, which describes direct outs, inserts, hidden mods and more. To see the rest, and for definitions, visit The Guide.

Direct Out: 
XLR "split out" (see notes), pre-EQ, pre-fader, pre-input gain
1/4" unbalanced TS/RR, pre-EQ, pre-fader

"Split Out" is simply a y-ed XLR jack connected directly to the XLR mic input jack (no transformer). There is an internal jumper (JMP1) to control ground on/off, shipped w/ ground "on". Insert may be tapped as a line level, pre-EQ, pre-fade send, using a cable with tip and ring bridged so the signal is not interrupted.

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