Yamaha LS9-16

Mixer Details

This is just one of over 75 professional audio mixers covered in The Mixer Output Guide, which describes direct outs, inserts, hidden mods and more. To see the rest, and for definitions, visit The Guide.

Direct Out: 
8 analog "omni" XLR outputs plus card slot

The Yamaha LS9-16 has 16-mic/line inputs, 8 analog "omni" XLR outputs, and one Mini-YGDAI card expansion slot. "The 16 mix buses can function in either AUX (VARI) or GROUP (FIX) mode. When the AUX (VARI) mode is selected the send point can be set PRE EQ, PRE FADER, or POST FADER. 8 matrix buses are provided in addition to the mix buses, and these can be used for side fill or recorder sends, or anywhere additional sends are required."

Price It: