Independent Music World Series

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Disc Makers
Rock and Pop
Tony Brooke's Role: 
Audio Recording Engineer
Tony Brooke's Role: 
Audio Mixing Engineer

From 1996 through 1997, Tony Brooke recorded, mixed and webcast a series of events for Disc Makers called the Unsigned Band World Series at venues in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. This battle-of-the-bands series took place in cities across the US for many years, and was later renamed the Independent Music World Series.

The events and artists were:
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco
Mo'Fessionals, Fungo Mungo, Filibuster, MK Ultra, Jazz Iguanas, Carnival Dogs

Café a-Go-Go, New York City
Primordial Source, Memby, Oyabando, Swim, The Unhinged, Vaporhead
(not the original Café a-Go-Go)

Troubadour, Los Angeles
Hot Chicken Stew, The Tories, Afreaka Nature, 4 or 5 Dopes, ESP+, Barbara Ann

Great American Music Hall, San Francisco
California Cowboys, Comfy Chair, Stark Raving Brad, Dizzybam, Stem, Cream of Wee Gee

(Another show in Seattle was scheduled to be recorded but Tony had to cancel at the last minute due to illness.)

Disc Makers IMWS 1996 pass