World Gone Crazy Record Release TelePresence Broadcast

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Doobie Brothers
Rock and Pop
Tony Brooke's Role: 
Audio Recording Engineer

On September 27th 2010, Silent Way recorded a live broadcast of a Doobie Brothers album release event. Tony Brooke engineered the multitrack recording, using a 24-track RADAR V system. The band performed for an invite-only crowd of 300 at the Cisco Systems campus in San Jose, CA, and the show was broadcast to thousands more online. Contest winners in eleven cities were chosen to interact with the band via telepresence Q&A sessions during the show. Check out this video of the song "China Grove" (bump it up to HD using the gear icon at the bottom).

And here is a review of it by a fan who attended via telepresence:

Doobie Brothers World Gone Crazy Record Release TelePresence Broadcast