Songs from Drakesville

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Roots, Folk and Country
Tony Brooke's Role: 
Audio Recording Engineer
Tony Brooke's Role: 
Audio Mixing Engineer
Tony Brooke's Role: 
Mastering Engineer

Ray's Vast Basement brings us musical fiction about the Northern California coastal town of Drakesville, its slightly bent residents and the town's underground cave. The cave has had a long history, including a stint as a hidden speakeasy run by Ray McKelvy. Jon Bernson has been performing the Ray's Vast Basement project since 1994, with numerous theatrical and musical variations on his intricate world. Many releases and live incarnations have enchanted and baffled legions of fans in and of The Basement.

Tracks on this cassette-only release:
1. The Madame
2. 1910
3. By A River Burning Blue (There Is a Man Who Wants To Meet You)
4. Airplane Heart
5. Pyre Of McKelvey
6. Sir Francis Drake
7. I Can Be Alone

Tracks 1-3 recorded and mixed by Ethan Turner. Tracks 4-7 recorded and mixed by Tony Brooke.

Ray's Vast Basement- Songs From Drakesville, 1996 liner notes