California 37: Mermaids of Alcatraz Tour Edition

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Rock and Pop
Tony Brooke's Role: 
Audio Recording Engineer

On 4/11/2012, Tony Brooke recorded Train at the Great American Music Hall, assisted by Andrew Keating.

Three tracks were released on a special "Mermaids of Alcatraz Tour Edition" of their album "California 37" in June 2013. The live tracks were "Drive By," "This'll Be My Year," and "When The Fog Rolls In." These tracks can be auditioned at, and were mixed by Mark Needham with Assistant Mix Engineer Will Brierre.

Other songs from this recording were released on another version of the album, "California 37: Deluxe Edition" in December 2012 in Germany and the United Kingdom. These were three audio tracks, "This'll Be My Year," "Save Me, San Francisco," and "Drops Of Jupiter," and three video tracks, "Drive By," "Bruises," and "Hey, Soul Sister."

Tony's system for this recording project was a 48-track RADAR V system, recording at 24bit/96k. Mic preamps were by Millennia Media, ATI and Focusrite. Audience mics were Neumann km184 and Earthworks QTC30MP.

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California 37: Mermaids of Alcatraz Tour Edition album cover