Professor Longhair Foundation Presents Piano Night at Tipitina's 1995

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Various Artists
Jazz and Classical
Tony Brooke's Role: 
Audio Recording Engineer

On 5/1/1995, Tony Brooke recorded the 7th annual Piano Night at Tipitina's in New Orleans, presented by the Professor Longhair Foundation. This was released in 1996 as "Professor Longhair Foundation Presents Piano Night at Tipitina's 1995" on Overture Records (34502). The artists on the album: Phamous Lambert, Ivan Neville, Ed Volker, George Wein, Roland Stone, Eddie Bo, Ironing Board Sam, Tommy Ridgley, Davell Crawford and David Paquette.

Tony was hired to record the show by WWOZ-FM, then recorded it to DA-88 multitrack and made a live-to-two-track mix to DAT. One of those was presumedly used for this album, but Tony was not credited in the liner notes.

These shows were part of a series of New Orleans Jazz Festival live broadcasts and recordings for radio station WWOZ-FM.


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Piano Night at Tipitina's 1995 album cover