Resources for Music Industry Job Seekers

Resources for Music Industry Job Seekers

I get a lot of inquiries about job opportunities at Silent Way. There are none available, so don't bother sending a resume. If you are looking for a job or internship, try these resources instead:

My article with a long diatribe about the future of recording studios, broadcasting, and advice for aspiring engineers

One quote from that article:

I advise new recording engineers NOT to limit themselves to music-only projects or spend all their entry-level time in one studio; Work with as many different studios as possible. Audio-for-video (post production for video and games) and commercial studios pay much better than music-only studios. This applies in broadcasting, too. Strike a good balance of work that pays your bills, and work that is creatively fulfilling.

I'd also advise you to learn more about where a potential job/internship organization gets their funding. What is their main source of income? Are they really generating income from new work, or are they coasting from another money source? Once you dig below the surface, you may discover that what looks like a good business is a negative cash-flow hobby that wouldn't exist but for a previous windfall. Perhaps they sold a previous company or cashed out stock options from a tech industry job. Perhaps they had a huge-selling album decades ago. Think about it: If there's no current income in the role that you are seeking, what are YOUR chances of succeeding today as a new worker in this industry?

Find that happy middle-ground between work that you enjoy and work that actually makes money or you will regret it. Look at growth predictions for your sector too. Regarding internships, don't undersell yourself by working for free for very long. If they won't pay for your time after you've learned all you can from an internship, move on.

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Also consider the Recording Academy's Internship Program (This is the organization that votes for the Grammy Awards). The Academy compensates interns and gives college credit. Internships are open to college students who are currently studying music or a music industry-related major and are preparing for a career in the music/recording industry. If you are interested in the Internship program, see the online application form or call your local chapter office (San Francisco's number is 415-749-0779).

If you are interested in joining the Recording Academy, visit this webpage. Tell them that Tony Brooke of Silent Way (San Francisco) referred you.