Tasty Music Stuff For Fans

Hey, music fan! Yeah, you! Do you eat, sleep and breathe music?

Do you bug out when you're stuck someplace with no tunes? How many minutes of complete silence do you get per day? How many music playback devices do you own?

  • Did you answer: "turn it up so I can hear it in the bathroom," "zero," and "do obsolete formats count?"  Well... you're not alone.

If you drool at the prospect of hearing that new track by that weird band that nobody else knows about yet... If you honestly believe that your last failed date could have been saved by a different song... If the live music you see is more interesting than the people there...

...then your brain runs on music, so you should check out this stuff...

Silent Way is proud to have worked on over 90 album, track, and video releases, including two Grammy-nominated albums. On this page you can listen to music, explore project notes, album covers, stories and more. Most have free audio or video. These releases are from many more recording projects with over five hundred clients in over a hundred venues since 1993. Check it out.

Getting better audio quality out of (and into) your computer is pretty easy. A few minutes and/or a few bucks will improve your audio quality immensely! This page has the scoop on quick and easy ways to completely overhaul the sound of your music. Check out the huge guide to over 200 USB and FireWire interfaces.

The Silent Way Directory: Music Web Links

Hundreds of the best sites, personally picked and checked: Hundreds of choice webcasts, links to MP3s, CDs, artist and band pages, audio streaming software, new music delivery + player technologies, online CD + record stores, radio (FM), and SF Bay Area club listings.

These are cool for fans who want to hear bands and DJs live in the clubs or locally-bred music on the radio. The scene is back!

SIlent Way is working on a project which will be found at TastyCast.com. Stay tuned.

A DIY introduction to resources that help you listen and learn about the latest genres of music. All have audio to complement the text, for useful context. In the end, it's up to your ears, so open them up and don't let anyone tell you what to like.

MP3 streaming is a much better way to listen to music than either Real Audio or Windows Media Player, and there are thousands of stations to choose from.

Any style, any place, any time for DJ gigs or music supervision. Check out the playlists...

So, you say there's no good music on the radio? Maybe, unless you know how to avoid commercial radio crap... Most of these Bay Area stations are also streaming on the net.

An idea for a Free library of Music

If I woke up tomorrow to a bottomless bank account, I would open a public Free Library of Music, where people could listen to and borrow any piece of recorded music ever created. Here's my daydream...

Also check out Silent Way's Resources for Musicians, with lots of info for musician-types...